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Pulse is the AI solution for charterers. Sitting on top of the email inbox, Pulse shortens the entire market analysis process by consolidating data from multiple systems into one space, unlocking vital data for chartering teams so they can fix with confidence - before the competition.

In today's digital landscape, data reigns supreme. Sedna AI enriched by our strategic partnerships brings unmatched clarity and ease to the fixture process. Explore vessel and cargo opportunties through customisable filters to leverage the hidden gems within your data, increasing your P&L.

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"The inbox is a gold mine of data, but the value isn’t being tapped into or is too hard to extract in time to make the best fixtures. By removing noise and presenting data to the charterer in a simpler way, Pulse puts relevant data at their fingertips - making it easy to act on quickly."
Leigh Steed-Middleton
Chief Product Officer, Sedna