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Traditional email systems challenge the Supply Chain industry as teams across all touch points of a voyage or shipment are faced with high message volumes and complex operational projects every day. This can distract users from the tasks that truly impact your organisation's bottom line.

Sedna supports your organisation with a stable, integrated and secure email system that truly drives digital transformation. Connect systems of record, automate workflows, and build tailor made solutions for your business via Open API, all while minimising time spent on system maintenance.

More efficiency, more insights

Drives cross-team collaboration and reveals valuable insights, all while ensuring that your full message history is accessible within seconds.

Best in class security and stability

Ensure regulatory compliance and scalability to any email volume while protecting your organisation from security threats.

Fully automate tasks and workflows

Each message contains valuable data, powerfully connect to third party systems to turn manual tasks into fully automated workflows.

Before SednaAfter Sedna
Business continuity is at risk due to email volume overload, which impact system speed and uptime. Phishing, scams and hacks put businesses at financial risk.Guaranteed business continuity and enterprise grade security to ISO/IEC 27001:2022 and ISO/IEC 27701:2019 standard with secure, cloud-based data storage, intelligent firewall and constant backup.
Large workload for your organisation's IT team to support and main email systems and servers. Complexity of working with distribution lists and archives to enable email availability.Implementation, support and training via a team of Maritime and Supply Chain experts who stand by your side with technical advice and support as your system is configured and launched.
Lack of data connectivity and risk of data inaccuracies due to manual data entry across multiple systems.Automation, synchronisation and system connectivity via Open API and countless built-in Connected Apps allow you to design and manage workflows to suit the operations of your team.
Difficulty adhering to changing legal regulations, investing time and resources to execute solutions.Automatic adherence of your business to regulatory compliance according to GDPR and CPAA laws.
Before Sedna
Complicated processes require switching betweensystems and manual work, which increases admintime and leads to a higher risk of data inaccuracy.
It's difficult to assign and prioritise emails and tasksin a flood of emails needed to trade and fix vessels.Market information is buried in individual inboxes.
Teams work in silos, limiting transparency andteamwork. Documents and attachments are managedmanually and the most recent version is hard totrack down
After Sedna
Leveraging faster workflows around your existingsystems, your team can easily email opportunitiesto the market, straight from your system of record.
Prioritise your inbox easily: incoming emails areenriched with vital data from your ecosystem,prioritised, and organised. Advanced search featuresallow you to access key market information quickly.
Collaborate on complex projects with ease andin real-time. Manage attachments and documentversioning, while sharing important documents andupdates quickly.
“We want offices around the globe to see emails the other different offices are receiving, comment on, and share them. Sedna allows us to feel like we’re working a bit more together.”
Gary Pearson
Senior Manager Global IT & Cloud