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An email platform purpose-built to advance the Supply Chain industry

Stream is an email platform that connects to your third party systems, enriches your messages with data, organises your emails and enables teams to make better decisions.

Stream for Shipbrokers

In an environment where speed is critical, Stream supports Shipbrokers with an organised, clutter-free inbox where up-to-date market information can be accessed quickly.

Stream for Charterers

Chartering Managers play a pivotal role in ensuring the commercial success of the dynamic shipping industry. Stream leverages systems of record to streamline email management, allowing Chartering Managers to effortlessly prioritise messages, analyse market data, and fix faster.

Stream for Operators

As the eyes and ears of a vessel, Operators are the nerve center that ensures every voyage runs smoothly and on budget.

Stream saves Operators massive amounts of time with simplified, organised communication, enabling them to put fleet management and optimisation at the forefront.

Stream for Trade Execution

Manage cargoes collaboratively and positively impact P&L. Use AI to organise and prioritise your inbox, ensuring the cargo is your focus.

Stream for Port Agents

Port Agents juggle multiple work streams that require constant back-and-forth with stakeholders across the supply chain to ensure vessels arrive at the port safely and on budget.

Stream enables Port Agents to schedule and manage port calls with the option to work from a shared inbox for full visibility. With access to vital data, teams can make better decisions faster while keeping their customers informed.

Stream for IT Managers

Traditional email systems challenge the Supply Chain industry as teams across all touch points of a voyage or shipment are faced with high message volumes and complex operational projects every day. This can distract users from the tasks that truly impact your organisation's bottom line.

Stream supports your organisation with a stable, integrated and secure email system that truly drives digital transformation. Connect systems of record, automate workflows, and build tailor made solutions for your business via Open API, all while minimising time spent on system maintenance.

Stream for Freight Forwarders

Operations in Freight Forwarding use email heavily to exchange quotes, shipment updates, customs documents and invoices with hundreds of vendors and customers a month. But 60% of email received is not relevant to the individual, leading to an increase in administrative work.

Stream helps Freight Forwarders cut down on admin time and focus on serving customers instead.