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About the client
NORDEN was founded in 1871, making it one of Denmark’s oldest internationally operating shipping companies providing dry cargo and product tankers services globally.

NORDEN cut email volume in half, resulting in more time to optimise voyages and drive profitability

The Challenge: Lost time under the weight of outdated email

With more than 100 years of experience in shipping, NORDEN knows the advantages of being on the cutting edge of Maritime technology.

NORDEN’s previous email platform was struggling to keep up, slowing their work down in a time-sensitive business. They needed a new platform that could handle high volumes of incoming email on top of their library of 40 million historic emails, and maintain their keyword-based filing system. In 2018, Stream by Sedna came into the picture.

"We spent more time archiving than reading emails, so there was a lot of waste and we needed to release that time to do something else."
-Julie Kobbernagel, Business Application Specialist

The Solution: Automatically sorted and easily searchable email

Visibility leading to action

Collaboration tools like commenting and sharing reduced email volume by 50% for NORDEN’s Operations and Finance teams. Stream by Sedna's lightning-fast search has no problem parsing millions of historical messages - providing all the context the team needed to make decisions fast.

Automatic prioritisation

The keywords that were crucial to NORDEN became Tags in Stream, allowing teams to continue organising messages in a familiar way. Our powerful auto-tagger
eliminated time spent on manually applying keywords, meaning more time to focus on fleet management.

Context from the VMS

Through Stream’s open API, NORDEN seamlessly connected their communication with Veson IMOS, automatically tagging and assigning incoming emails. No longer needing to manually sort, NORDEN saved time and was able to see the most important messages instantly.

"We actually managed to cut the amount of emails by more than half by using the sharing and commenting function."
-Julie Kobbernagel, Business Application Specialist

The Result: Optimised voyages driving profitability

Retaining historic mail and workflows, NORDEN was able to return to the cutting edge of shipping communications with Stream by Sedna. Teams started working more efficiently than ever - more than 50% of internal emails were slashed. Fleet management and optimisation was back at the forefront, letting Stream do the heavy lifting on the email side of things.

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