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Sedna and Veson Nautical maritime integration upgraded to enhance voyage management

27 Apr 2023, London, UK - Sedna, the innovative digital leader connecting email with core systems to make the inbox the central hub for business intelligence, and Veson Nautical (Veson), a global market leader for maritime freight management, today announced a significant update to their maritime integration offering. The update is set to transform the way that maritime professionals can action and advance the status of multiple voyages at any one time, ultimately simplifying the shipping process and enhancing commercial maritime operations.

Sedna users can now access additional voyage and shipment data from the Veson IMOS Platform straight into their email inbox.

For Sedna, the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP) integration will now provide mutual clients who have opted in with access to more extensive data—like voyage number, vessel code, voyage status, ETA, fuel on departure, vessel details and cargo details—for an increased number of voyages all from within the Sedna platform. Presenting an expanded, centralised hub of data gives shipping operators, as well as vessel owners and charterers, the safety of knowing that they have the latest voyage details from the comfort of their inbox and can therefore quickly and efficiently enrich their outgoing emails with this detailed information. For example, through real-time tracking and surfacing of critical voyage data like itinerary changes and fuel on departure from VIP, operators can now optimise their voyages through swiftly sharing ship position updates and operational reports straight from within their Sedna inbox.

With a more comprehensive view of critical information, shipping operators and maritime professionals can optimise voyages faster and improve customer service to increase their competitive advantage.

By bringing key data from Sedna and VIP into one space, the improved integration can save significant time and provide users with a seamless working experience, enabling speedier decision-making and more efficient operations. The integration also reduces the risk of human error that could otherwise occur when copying and pasting information across platforms, meaning mutual clients can have full confidence in the accuracy of their data as they work at speed on simultaneous maritime operations. Altogether, this has the potential to enable faster and better responses which can lead to increased revenue opportunities and profitability for users through enhancing commercial operations and improving customer service and satisfaction.

Bill Dobie, Founder and CEO, Sedna, said: “Today, maritime professionals have to process more complex information than ever before, so we need our digital platforms to be as easy and efficient to use as possible - working for us and not the other way around. This means having immediate access to important, real-time data to deliver on voyages and enhance shipping performance.”

“With their global leadership in maritime freight management, I am delighted that we are expanding our partnership with Veson Nautical to advance our shared vision to use the power of technology to push maritime operations forward. Through this enhanced partnership, the shipping sector can further its leading role driving world trade and the global economy.”

CEO and Co-Founder of Veson Nautical, John Veson, explained: “We are pleased to be collaborating with Sedna on these enhanced integration capabilities. Providing our clients with data-driven decision support where, when, and how they need it is a key priority for us. By breaking down barriers between our clients’ critical systems, we can create a more streamlined and contextual experience that supports optimised workflows.”

Sedna first collaborated with Veson Nautical in July 2021, launching an integration that could utilise data from the Veson IMOS Platform from within Sedna to enable organisations and team members within the maritime sector to work more effectively. At present, maritime clients already using the current integration include Norvic Shipping, MOL Chemical Tankers, Western Bulk, Ardmore Shipping, Bunge, NORDEN, and others.

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Other new features include a pop-out email composer, additional ways to filter and prioritise incoming inbox messages, and improvements to recognising emails from trusted sources.

The update to the Sedna-Veson integration was made as part of the latest release of new features and integrations in Sedna for greater precision, security and clarity in users’ day-to-day work. Named after the star constellation Spica, the latest release of Sedna enhancements also includes:

  • A new pop-out composer function to give users visibility of their inbox while also writing and sending emails in a separate tab.
  • Message tag filters for users to quickly streamline their inbox view down to the messages they care about. This provides a better sense of workload and what needs to be prioritised.
  • Updates to ‘Verified by Sedna’, a quick and easy visual way for users to have confidence that incoming messages are from trusted, secure sources.
  • Improvements to our automatic feature, launched earlier this year, that can remove Personal Identifiable Information from messages.
  • An enhanced CargoWise integration, via Chain.io, so users can update and get critical information and documents right next to their messages to manage, track and move shipments effectively.

The new updates are available to users both on Sedna’s web browser interface and mobile app, so shipping employees can access all of the information they need, wherever they are.

Sedna’s Media Kit with screenshots of the enhanced Veson integration is available here.

Notes to Editors

Sedna brings third-party tools, like the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP), and data together under one roof, so teams can focus on what matters most. Other third-party apps and integrations that Sedna users can request to add onto their Sedna workspace include industry-agnostic third-party digital tools, like Salesforce, as well as other apps designed for maritime supply chain operations. A full list of integrations is available on the Sedna website. Only customers who use the Veson cloud-based VIP solution will have access to this integration as it uses the latest Veson APIs.

About Sedna

Launched in 2017, Sedna transforms business processes by connecting work email to core business systems. With over 160 leading global companies using Sedna, teams and individuals are empowered with insights and tools to drive better decisions. Sedna has publicly disclosed USD 44 million through Series A and B funding rounds backed by global venture capital and private equity firm Insight Partners, alongside Stride.VC, Chalfen Ventures and the SAP.iO fund. Discover more about Sedna on our website. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter (@sednanetwork).

About Veson Nautical

Veson Nautical delivers maritime freight management solutions that propel the global shipping economy. Trusted by buyers and sellers of bulk marine freight in every region of the world, Veson solutions are responsible for managing $109 billion in freight sold and moving 4.4 billion tons in annual trade each year.

With a suite of offerings in marine contract management, vessel information management, and data analytics, Veson’s products are widely recognized for their strong utility, sustained innovation, and measurable business impact.

More than a provider of solutions, Veson is a champion of progress that actively supports its clients, partners, and broader community in navigating change while shaping the best practice workflows and standards of tomorrow’s connected maritime shipping ecosystem. www.veson.com 

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Sedna Press Email: press@sedna.com | Phone: +44 7774 335341

Veson Press Email: veson@blue-comms.com | Phone: +44 7757 393786

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