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How we keep data privacy at the heart of our open partner ecosystem

In today's data-rich landscape, your organisation’s success is based on how it uses and secures its information. We understand this deeply at Sedna - and are revolutionising the way companies interact with their data while ensuring you have complete trust in the ways your data is being shared and analysed.

Our commitment to data privacy

In the age of frequent data breaches and diminishing trust in software providers, we recognise that data privacy is more than just a necessity - it's a competitive advantage.

Sedna has in-house experts with decades of experience in Maritime, logistics and the broader supply chain. This hyper-focus means we understand the security risks and pains.

When building and enhancing our solutions, we’re taking into account a whole suite of industry-specific considerations. Our customers can rest easy knowing that with Sedna, their data remains uncompromised.

Here's our pledge: Your data is yours and yours alone. At no point - regardless of the processes, enrichments or partnerships involved - is your data ever shared with any person or company that you have not expressly granted permission to.

An open partner ecosystem

Email is the cornerstone of enterprise communication - and as the digital age evolves we see it as more than just a messaging platform. We envision email as the central API - bridging your systems and platforms together. Email is the foundation upon which we can all build tools that surface and act on critical business information. 

At Sedna, we promote Open APIs and pair with leading industry-agnostic platforms like Salesforce, SAP and Google Drive, as well as maritime technology tools and apps like Veson to tackle the struggles of Maritime communication. This means teams are empowered with vital context to make confident decisions. 

By partnering with both established industry leaders and innovative start-ups, we support secure data exchange that’s controlled by the customer. Being open to these connections allow us to reduce the noise from email overload - delivering the data your teams need to make decisions quickly and accurately. 

How we deliver

1. Analysing: Sedna analyses the vast amounts of data streaming through your email, identifying patterns in real-time.

2. Enrichment: Our partnerships with the systems that already power your business allow us to parse and enrich your data with additional context - making it more valuable than ever. Think of it as “supercharging” your data so it's clear and useful.

3. Organising & Optimising: Gone are the days of sifting through endless emails to find that piece of critical information. Sedna intuitively categorises, tags and organises your data - presenting actionable insights. 

Why email? Why now?

Email is the unsung hero of the shipping industry. Most of the valuable data within businesses resides within emails, from contracts and proposals to critical decision-making threads. But most people think of their struggles with email: lagging search, confusing file systems and accidental “reply-all’s” which slow work down.

At Sedna, we have put email at the heart of an innovative ecosystem that actually helps you work better. We're tapping into a treasure trove, turning latent information into dynamic, actionable insights.

We don’t need to replace email - rather we can build on it to make trade go faster.

The future of enterprise communication

Our vision at Sedna is to reshape the way businesses view and act on their data. With email at the core of an open partner ecosystem - and a firm commitment to data privacy - we're unlocking immense potential. 

Join us in our journey to strengthen data optimisation and privacy in the digital age.

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