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About the client
Casper Shipping is the leading independent port agency, logistics and marine services group of companies in the UK.

Casper teams save 37.5 hours a week by automating border documents processing

The Challenge: Manual email processing draining time and resources

As one of the UK’s oldest marine services businesses, Casper Group is no stranger to innovation. But like many of its competitors in 2013, Casper found its email system to be out of date, not longer fitting their needs for day-to-day efficiency.

For Casper, managing email was time-consuming, taking away from more important tasks. They were manually taking information from PDFs and entering them into customs paperwork. Printing out every email was the norm. Duplication of work and messaging was common. And time was lost when collaboration had to take place outside the email inbox.

Looking to innovate once again, Casper searched for a solution that would automate the processes that were slowing them down. That search led to Stream by Sedna.

"Stream by Sedna is now reading [our] emails, pulling the data out, putting it where we need it to be."
-Alan Appleyard, Group Operations Director

The Solution: Automated processes restore employee time and drive collaboration

Unlocking employee time with intelligent data extraction

Stream by Sedna was able to save Casper’s customs group nearly 40 hours a week in time spent copy-pasting data from attachments and PDFs. In just one week, Stream learned the process Casper employees were undertaking, and successfully automated it. In no time, Casper’s system of record was receiving valuable data from customs documents — without taking employee attention away from high-value work.

Seamless collaboration and transparency

Moving from siloed individual inboxes to shared team inboxes, Casper saw renewed levels of collaboration across the business. The reduction in duplicated tasks meant employees were better able to focus on the unique work that creates value for their role, and the business as a whole.

Saving time and the environment

Thanks to in-app tools like message sharing and commenting, Casper could cut down on physical documentation. No longer having to print every single message, Casper’s operational costs decreased, along with their environmental impact.

"We're already saving 37.5 hours a week - and we can redistribute resources into another part of the business."
-Alan Appleyard, Group Operations Director

The Result: 37.5 hours per week reinvested in clients

As a result of automating this workflow, Casper is now able to spend more time on servicing their customers and focus their team on tasks that drive further profitability.

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