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About the client
Monson is a shipping agency that specializes in bulk commodities such as coal, iron ore, alumina, caustic soda, mineral sands and more.

Monson Agencies reduced email volume by 90% and started scheduling faster

The Challenge: Cluttered inboxes and inefficient collaboration

Monson Agencies Australia is a leading bulk shipping agency with over 100 employees in offices around the world.

Before using implementing Stream by Sedna, Monson was receiving a staggering 1.8 million emails per month and relied on a traditional email system to handle this volume – making it almost impossible to find past emails and causing its terminal environment to become non-responsive.

"We created this monster with a million different rules for every team and individuals across different locations. We had to make up various rules so that all the sent messages would be forwarded to the team - and it was filling up our servers because of the sheer volume of emails."
-Monique Costantino, Commercial Manager

The Solution: Automatically sorted, easy-to-search email that integrates with existing systems

Faster action and better customer service

Stream by Sedna's ultra fast search was a key deciding factor for Monson. Allowing users to instantly find records for an individual vessel or voyage - without switching systems - meant Monson could handle more port calls.

Eliminate noise for greater focus

Stream's open API allows purpose built integrations, enriching incoming emails and automatically prioritising them. Monson seamlessly connected to an agency vessel
appointment system, saving time that would have been spent manually filing emails.

A single source of truth

Through shared inboxes - and a live chat log next to each message - Stream provided Monson with greater visibility and easy handover between team members.

The Result: Scheduling port calls faster with less noise

Monson reduced its total email volume by 90% since implementing Stream by Sedna in 2017. While their previous system would freeze and stall productivity, Stream runs smoothly at any scale and promotes efficient task management. This significant change gave their team members hours back every day, so they could focus on providing faster and better customer service.

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