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About the client
Norvic Shipping is a leading international operator of modern dry bulk vessels.

Norvic Shipping focused on voyage optimisation by saving 8 hours a week on email admin

The Challenge: Email management taking time away from business needs

With over 100 ships on the water at any given time, Norvic Shipping has to be in constant communication with clients. After a successful decade providing unique logistics and freight services, Norvic found itself facing a common challenge in Maritime: too much email.

The more the business crew, the more time was being lost to managing inboxes. Hundreds of incoming messages required manual, time-consuming filing every day and stalled search engines slowed things down further. Costly on-premise servers were another wrench in the problem - a nightmare for IT to manage, international offices were in the dark every time a lengthy reboot or update was needed.

All of these challenges meant critical messages were being missed and response times were slowed, impacting overall efficiency and profitability. Norvic wanted to find a communication platform that would support their growing business, not slow it down - leading them to use Stream.

"Time saved in percentage? I would say at least 20%."
-Majbritt Jacobsen, Head of Business Process & Applications

The Solution: Automated, cloud-based communication driving visibility and action

Email prioritisation that cuts through the noise

With as many as 2,000 emails coming in every day to each of Norvic’s operators, Stream by Sedna’s automatic tagging allowed operators to find the messages that mattered to them individually. Meanwhile, internal emails plummeted because teams could now share and comment on each individual message instead of creating new replies and CCs.

Cloud-based servers that protect and store data

Using Stream by Sedna saved Norvic time and money previously spent on maintaining on-premise servers. Plus, moving didn't mean losing historical email; nearly 2 million emails from their previous platform were smoothly brought over to Stream, ready to be searched and collaborated on.

Shared inboxes, faster action

Managing high email volume is easier with shared inboxes. With Stream, Norvic was able to ensure nothing slipped through the cracks, giving team members the tools to identify and act on vital data while collaborating. Staying on top of un-actioned messages became easy, because Stream allows users to filter and get alerts on missed messages.

"Sedna tags your emails for you...internal emails have dropped dramatically because we don't send emails anymore, we share them between the teams."
-Majbritt Jacobsen, Head of Business Process & Applications

The Result: 8 hours per week returned to operators and clients

With more than a 100 users working 20% faster than before Stream, Norvic saw powerful benefits.

Gaining back up to 8 hours a week meant that Norvic's operators had more time to do what matters most - provide superior service to clients, optimise voyages and drive profitability.

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