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Viterra is a fully integrated agriculture network that connects producers to consumers to supply sustainable, traceable and quality-controlled agricultural products

Viterra reduced email volume by 95%, driving efficiency and profitability

The Challenge: Tedious and time-draining email management

Viterra is a world-leading agriculture business with more than 16,000 employees in 37 countries.

Before using Stream by Sedna, the Chartering Department struggled with their traditional email system. Inefficient communication prevented fast decision making.

Operators were manually filing 1,300 emails per day on top of crafting outgoing communication. This took countless hours away from the most important work - collaborating with partners and closing deals quickly.

"Our email system was at the max of its capacity. We were storing and processing so many messages - dragging and dropping an email from the inbox to the designated folder was taking huge amounts of time."
-Berend Luger, Viterra Chartering

The Solution: Automatically sorted, easy-to-search email that powers visibility and action

Prioritisation in the inbox

Stream by Sedna's automatic tagging means that you only see the most important messages when you need them. This meant Viterra's Operators didn't need to manually file emails anymore - saving lots of time and never missing out on critical information.

Search, collaborate and manage projects

With lightning-fast search, Viterra was equipped to to manage risk and close deals with efficiency. Real-time chat for each email - instead of forwarding and replying - reduced email volume, making it easier to collaborate.

Save time with a single source of truth

Stream's open API allows you to have purpose-built integrations with leading solutions. For Viterra this meant having an inbox powered by context from a vessel-vetting application, automatically populating important information directly from emails. Time spent re-entering data was eliminated, allowing Viterra's Operators to work quickly without switching systems.

"With Sedna, the number of our emails in our Operators' inboxes was reduced by 95%, which is huge. We've reduced the risk of overlooking emails as the Operators are now only seeing the emails that were intended for them."
-Berend Luger, Viterra Chartering

The Result: Less email noise and more time to do important work

Viterra was able eliminate manual filing by 99% and reduce email volume by 95%. Their workflows were revolutionised, reducing risk of missing information and driving profitability.

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