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About the client
Western Bulk is a global dry bulk shipping company operating around 150 vessels in the handysize to panamax category.

Western Bulk gained back 2-4 hours per person every day to fix vessels faster

The Challenge: Unwanted security risks, high email volume and stalled search

Dry bulk shipping company Western Bulk has a fleet of over 150 commercial vessels and a global customer base to manage.

Before using Stream by Sedna, they struggled to scale while receiving an increasingly high volume of emails. Search was slow and often led to system crashes. Lack of team visibility and security meant it was difficult to spot phishing attempts. Email was holding Western Bulk back from taking action, affecting the bottom line. This is where Stream by Sedna came in.

"With our old system, it was almost impossible to find old emails. You might set a search running and - if you were lucky - find what you need sometime after lunch."
-Martin Hjelle, Head of Technology

The Solution: Secure email that sorts automatically and searches instantly

Analyse the market easily

Stream by Sedna's automatic tagging of incoming messages in a cloud-based platform removed the need to file so many messages each day. This saved time and made it easier to monitor market conditions - fixing with confidence.

Data is your competitive edge

Stream has purpose-built integrations with leading solutions, automatically populating important information directly from emails. For Western Bulk, this meant less time switching between systems and more time building relationships and closing deals.

Faster action and decisions

Lightning-fast search makes all conversations, attachments and critical information instantly discoverable for the whole team. Western Bulk was no longer blocked by stalled search resulting in faster decision-making.

Taking security seriously

Stream by Sedna ensures regulatory compliance and scalability to any email volume while protecting your organisation from security threats. Collaborative team inboxes provide enhanced visibility. Plus any email from another organisation using Stream is 'Verified by Sedna' - so you know you're communicating safely.

"Sedna reduces email for chartering managers 70-80% and that is just huge!"
-Martin Hjelle, Head of Technology

The Result: Less email noise and more secure collaboration on important work

Team efficiency increased immediately, with an average of 2-4 hours saved per person every day that was previously spent manually filing. With a team mailbox approach and 'Verified by Sedna', the team became powerful against security risks. Fast search, automatic tagging and integrations meant vast improvement for Western Bulk's productivity.

If you'd like to learn how Stream by Sedna can help your chartering team fix faster and become more efficient, book a demo with us today.

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