SEDNA and Integration

Software Supercharges Your Inbox With for SEDNA

How SEDNA Integrates with lets you integrate with the industry’s leading technology—and by connecting to SEDNA using’s integration platform, that technology can come straight to your inbox!

Freight forwarders will save plenty of time using the premiere integration made possible through Cargowise for SEDNA.

With the help of, data from Cargowise is automatically connected to messages in SEDNA related to your Cargowise shipments. That Cargowise data appears as an easy-to-read reference card inside the SEDNA message. Plus: with one click, you can insert Cargowise shipment data directly into messages you compose from SEDNA.

Thanks to, Cargowise and other future connected apps for SEDNA give you the benefit of a truly integrated software ecosystem.

About is a cloud-based integration platform that connects partners across the global supply chain. helps anyone involved in buying or moving products around the world work with supply chain vendors, customers, and software platforms more efficiently.

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