SEDNA Integration for Veson IMOS Platform

The VIP integration for SEDNA keeps you informed in real time

How SEDNA Integrates with Veson IMOS Platform

The Veson IMOS Platform (VIP) integration for SEDNA allows you to curate and assign the messages in your inbox more effectively, by enriching each message with voyage data captured in VIP.

Instead of having to file and tag voyage emails yourself, VIP for SEDNA extracts real time data from VIP (including voyage summary and itinerary), and associates that data to relevant inbox messages.

Now, your inbox and info are in one space that’s automatically organized, eliminates the need for switching browsers, and makes sharing context with other teams a breeze. 

Saved time. Better context. Easy communication. That’s the power of VIP for SEDNA.

Info at Your Fingertips

View voyage details from the comfort of your inbox, and be confident you’re operating with the most up-to-date info

Share with Ease

Quickly add voyage information to your messages without leaving the browser you draft your messages in

Enhanced Visibility

Make all messages related to each voyage easy to sort, find, and act on—SEDNA’s autotagging makes it possible

About Veson IMOS Platform

Veson is a leader in commercial voyage management, serving a similar cross-section of the industry, and managing the commercial marine workflow from prefixture through post-fixture and subsequent financial, risk management, demurrage and claims, and reporting activities.

Create One Shared Home for Tools and Workflows

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