Pulse - The AI-driven solution for charterers

AI-powered logistics communication platform

Automate your logistics email inbox and surface the important information buried within. Prioritise your work, serve customers better and maintain compliance.

The power of automation in logistics

What is logistics automation?

Logistics automation refers to the use of technology and machinery to streamline and optimise various aspects of the supply chain, such as materials handling, transportation and communication.

Why automate logistics communications?

Automation in communication is crucial to supply chain productivity. A smart email platform streamlines work by automating tasks, integrating with a transportation management system (TMS) for quicker customer responses and centralises conversations, providing visibility and an audit trail for compliance and tracking.

How do I find the right logistics communication tool for me?

A tool built for your industry

A smart email tool that understands how you communicate and pulls important data from those communications is crucial to finding success. At Sedna, we understand the criticality of email communication in the Supply Chain - this means we’re perfectly positioned to maximise the efficiency of your inbox.

Purpose-built onboarding

A smart email tool only works effectively when your team is utilising the tool’s functionality to the best of their ability. A guided onboarding process is critical to making sure that firstly, your use is built with your priorities and responsibilities in mind and secondly, you’re measuring the success of adoption relevant to your businesses key objectives.