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Maritime Email Software

Enhance efficiency and ensure seamless maritime communication with our cutting-edge email software.

Navigating the Seas of Email Communication

What is Maritime Email Software?

Maritime email software is specifically designed to address the unique challenges faced by maritime operations. Traditional email systems are great for 90% of their users, but the sheer volume of email that the maritime industry deals in pushes it to breaking point. Email software used by maritime professionals needs to ensure that critical information is brought to the forefront of your inbox and doesn’t get buried in the emails you don’t need to see.

Why adopt Maritime Email Software?

In the fast-paced maritime sector, effective communication is crucial. Missing an email or replying late could result in financial loss, dissatisfied customers or real-life implications for the wellness of the crew. Our software reduces the time spent on email management, allowing you to focus on what truly matters to you.

Email Software That Propels Maritime Efficiency

10 hours saved per team member, per week 

2x more vessels managed, due to better efficiency

84% of customers see improved productivity

Maritime Email: The Heart of Your Operations

The role of Email in Maritime

Email has sat at the heart of maritime for multiple decades now, and continues to be the main entry point for enterprise data. Communication and relationships sit at the forefront of maritime business, and email represents a large portion of that communication.

Integrated with your tech stack

A smart email platform should integrate seamlessly with the other maritime software you’re using on a daily basis. Surface and action business critical data that’s buried in your most important systems, in a single view.

Selecting the right Maritime Email Software

A tool built for maritime needs

Our software understands the intricacies of maritime communication; the volume, pace and nuance of data passed over via email. Enriched with data from your VMS and wider tech stack, Stream is built for maritime.

Purpose-built onboarding

Maritime email software only works effectively when your team is utilising the tool’s functionality to the best of their ability. A guided onboarding is critical to making sure that firstly, Stream is tailored to match your priorities and responsibilities and secondly, you’re measuring the success of use.