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Sedna and Voyager join forces to advance global voyage management

New tech integration will make data from the two solutions instantly available to maritime users to quickly and easily manage voyage documents, smoothing out an otherwise potentially burdensome process. 

31 January 2023, London, UK and Houston, Texas - Sedna, the enterprise email solution set up to transform business processes by connecting email with core business systems, and Voyager, an operations management platform for bulk commodity shipping enabling customers to manage the entire lifecycle of their voyage operations in their online environment, have partnered together to streamline and enhance the availability and use of shipping data across their maritime technologies.

Voyager will now be available as a tech integration in the Sedna email platform and vice versa, enabling the seamless flow of shipping information, like vessel tracking and invoicing data, between the two platforms. This will allow customers from across the maritime space—like vessel owners, operators, and charter teams—to easily view, organise, and communicate information relating to voyage documents all from within one single digital workspace. Through simplifying workflows and having data all in one space, the integration saves significant time and reduces the risk of human error that could otherwise occur when switching between apps. 

Reducing risk, cost, and complexity 

Sedna or Voyager users who request the integration as part of their subscription will be able to easily identify automatically tagged Voyager documents from within the Sedna platform and route to the right teams and team members. Documents can also be uploaded and synced to Voyager from within Sedna creating an accurate, up-to-date and clear audit trail. 

The integration is available both on Sedna’s web browser interface and mobile app, so shipping employees can access all of the information they need, wherever they are. 

It is the latest integration to be offered by both Sedna and Voyager. Both companies integrate their technologies with other third-party tools so that users can easily access and stay abreast of the latest information and bring essential shipping data under one roof. 

“All too often maritime customers highlight the pain points of their day-to-day work being tied to the inefficiencies of traditional email platforms: inbox overload, an inability to find critical information, and using multiple software and apps to get the job done."

“Today’s integration with Voyager aims to tackle these unnecessary everyday problems through providing an additional means for our customers to work from a singular workspace. Ultimately this will help improve efficiencies in day-to-day operations and make voyage management smooth sailing.” 

Bill Dobie, Founder and CEO, Sedna
“The interface between operations software and your inbox has been a major technology gap for teams in the shipping space. With this integration I am excited to see a true plug & play integration come alive where data and documents can move seamlessly between the email platform and operations platform.” 

Matthew Costello, Co-founder and CEO, Voyager

The Sedna-Voyager integration is already live with one of the largest oil and gas producers in Southeast Europe, OMV. The team is currently passing documents, vessel updates, schedule and cargo changes between systems, reducing the need for manual double entry for the operations teams. 

"As OMV Supply & Trading develops and expands its digital network of partners, it is a core tenet to have seamless transfer of data between the applications. This integration will enable Operators to work within Sedna whilst being able to move documents attachments to Voyager with two clicks of a button. The opportunities are almost limitless and will definitely result in some significant time savings for users, as well as a significantly heightened level of process control forcing consistency of data across multiple applications." 

Adam Panni, Operations & Shippings Director, OMV

Supporting shipping’s digital journey 

Critical to the global flow of shipments around the world is the sharing and action on key data and information between maritime companies. 

While the sector has typically used more traditional approaches to manage these operations, the COVID-19 pandemic pushed the need for digitalisation to the fore, exposing the great benefits of going ‘online’ to advance efficiencies across the industry. As a result, a recent survey found over two-thirds of shipping companies are now exploring digital solutions to enhance their communication channels and, in turn, reduce operational costs and improve fleet services. 

Set up in 2017, Sedna was created to move email away from its present challenges—like inbox overload, lost data, and siloed operations—to instead serve as an all-in-one workspace fit for the modern world. Sedna customers to date include leading global companies like Ardmore Shipping, NORDEN and Bunge, as well as enterprise companies working in other industries. Customers using Sedna report saving up to two hours per employee per day - critical time to instead spend on other, more skilful tasks. 

In addition to connecting to core business systems and third-party apps like Voyager, Sedna is enhancing the email experience through the rollout of artificial intelligence tools to automate manual and repetitive tasks, like invoice processing, deleting personal data, and managing service-level agreements. Other features recently rolled out as part of a recent wider product release, named after the star constellation ‘Alhena’, include a new apps marketplace to find other integrations to use in Sedna, as well a calendar feature. 

In a similar sense, Voyager is contributing to this digitalization trend by allowing bulk charterers, brokers, and manufacturers to manage claims, disputes, and payments more efficiently in a recently launched Demurrage module. The platform helps companies unlock insights and demurrage-saving opportunities 95% faster through automated Statement of Facts capturing, reducing the need for manual inputs and leveraging

Sedna’s Media Kit with screenshots of the new Voyager integration is available here. 

Notes to Editors 

Sedna brings third-party tools, like Voyager, and data together under one roof, so teams can focus on what matters most. Other third-party apps and integrations that Sedna users can request to add onto their Sedna workspace include industry-agnostic third-party digital tools, like Salesforce,, as well as other apps designed for maritime supply chain operations, such as ABRAXA, AXSMarine, Cargowise (via Chain.io), Dataloy, Q88, and Veson IMOS. A full list of integrations is available on the Sedna website. 

About Sedna

Launched in 2017, Sedna transforms business processes by connecting work email to core business systems. It empowers teams and individuals with insights and tools to drive better decisions. Leading global companies are using Sedna, with over 8500 customers and 150 companies using Sedna to date. Sedna has publicly disclosed USD 44 million through Series A and B funding rounds backed by global venture capital and private equity firm Insight Partners, alongside Stride.VC, Chalfen Ventures and the SAP.iO fund. Discover more about Sedna on our website. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter (@sednanetwork). 

About Voyager 

Voyager is an end-to-end bulk shipping operations management platform that helps charterers, brokers and manufacturers reduce cost, risk, and complexity. Customers like Koch Industries, GE, Equinor, OMV, Suzano and Gyxis and over 180 companies are collaboratively managing their operations with internal and external stakeholders in a unified environment, Voyager streamlines maritime operations and data flows across organizations, automates manual processes, and delivers real-time insights. Take a look at Voyager's website or follow us on LinkedIn.

Media Contacts 

Sedna: Email: press@sedna.com | Phone: +44 7917 030 828 

Voyager: Email: lucas@voyagerportal.com | Phone: +55 48 99930796 

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