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Independent study reports that 84% of Sedna customers increase productivity

An independent analysis conducted by B2B Market Research firm, Adience, finds that Sedna can boost profitability by increasing staff resource capacity and better supporting companies’ financial goals. Read below to download the full report.

Sedna delivers on Maritime profitability

At Sedna, we know that email isn’t going anywhere. We are building on top of it while harnessing the power of Maritime data to help the industry work more efficiently, manage risk and maximise success.

An independent report conducted by Adience shows that businesses who use Sedna have been able to build a more robust and resilient foundation for productivity and profitability. 

Check out key findings below - then download the full report for more. 

The ROI of Sedna 

Increase profitability potential

Sedna optimises businesses’ workflows and makes them more efficient - and it shows in the data: 84% of Sedna customers have seen increased company productivity.

Customers are able to see high priority emails more easily, respond faster and communicate with reduced errors. This drives customer loyalty and a higher capacity to take on profitable opportunities. 

Improve management visibility and staff collaboration

Businesses switch to Sedna because they can stay on top of what’s going on and it helps improve collaboration between teams. 88% say Sedna improves collaboration between different departments and functions in their company, with 73% seeing improved work across time zones.

This translates to making confident decisions: 85% have more assurance that a task has been actioned compared to working without Sedna. 

Streamline communications and optimise working processes

80% of Sedna customers see a decrease in internal emails, freeing up their time to focus on customer service and acting on opportunities. 

81% now find it easier to trace key decisions, with an almost instant search function that can handle millions of messages. Messages are accessible to those who need it, with the added benefit of automated processes. This saves even more time. 

Improve employee satisfaction and further drive productivity

Three in four say that adopting Sedna has increased employee satisfaction. Outside of the office, 69% of Sedna customers feel confident that their colleagues can carry on their work without difficulty while they’re on holiday. 

Satisfied staff are more likely to work productively, complete work successfully and stay with the business. 

Reduce strain on IT staff and budgets

With Sedna, many IT staff no longer need to spend valuable time managing email servers and fixing broken email inbox rules. Instead, they have more time to work on important core business initiatives. 

One company adopting Sedna was able to decommission on-premise data centres previously needed for email and document management systems. It saved the business over $100,000 upfront. 

Research Methodology

This independent analysis was conducted by Adience, a B2B research agency. They interviewed 44 senior business leaders and decision-makers about their drivers for selecting Sedna, using qualitative and quantitative techniques between May and September 2023. 

The first phase featured 14 interviews with Sedna customers conducted via telephone or videoconference, lasting up to 60 minutes. The second phase featured a 10-minute online survey with 30 Sedna customers.

Out of the companies interviewed for this study, participants reported a mix of roles using Sedna within their organisation. The majority are Operators, Accounting, Port Agents, IT users and Shipbrokers. Customers reported that some users are also working in Trade Execution, Marine Surveying, Technical Management, Crewing, Credit and Compliance, Insurance and Legal roles. 

More to discover

For additional research on how Sedna has had an impact in automating tasks, streamlining audit processes and increasing productivity, download the full report below. 

Download the full report

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