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Sedna joins Smart Maritime Network to advance digital shipping and logistics

Sedna has joined the Smart Maritime Network (SMN), a global platform dedicated to promoting the benefits of technology and new innovations to inform and push forward the maritime, transport and logistics sectors. Through connecting business emails with third-party maritime apps and other work tools to save time, transform day-to-day work processes, and help decision-making, Sedna shares a joint vision with SMN to improve and enhance the use of digital tools within the shipping industry.

Sedna has joined the SMN with Gold Membership, providing opportunities to further build relationships and share knowledge within the shipping sector. As part of the membership, Sedna joins the Smart Maritime Council, a cross-industry membership group focused on technology harmonisation, standardisation and interoperability. Through a series of meetings, organisational representatives from across maritime service and equipment providers come together to discuss and drive the use of novel digital maritime tools.

With its global focus across the tech, maritime and broader supply chain arena, Sedna will provide valuable insight and input from its internal experts, as well as customers and partners utilising its all-in-one digital workspace, to direct and advance matters discussed at Smart Maritime Council meetings.

Meetings take place alongside SMN conferences and regional events targeted at local maritime industry stakeholders. Last year, SMN conferences were held in Athens, Rotterdam, Tokyo, Copenhagen, Dubai and Singapore - as well as the first SMN Cruise event at Seatrade Global in Miami, Florida. Meetings are due to be held in the same locations across 2023 (excluding the SMN Cruise event), with the first SMN event taking place in Rotterdam on 15 February 2023.

“Over the past few years, we’ve seen a dramatic uptick in the drive towards digitalisation across the maritime industry and broader supply chain sector. Two thirds of companies recently surveyed are already exploring how they can utilize new technologies in their areas of work - and 2023 is set to take the sector even further. Importantly, the action taken in the year ahead will be critical as companies look internally - and to digital - to drive efficiencies in the wake of the global economic downturn."

“We, at Sedna, are delighted to join the Smart Maritime Network, a truly dedicated global body conducting incredible work to increase the use of digital tools across maritime and the broader supply chain sector. We look forward to utilising our broad experience across shipping, freight forwarding and tech to build our partnership with SMN members and drive forward our shared ambitions.”

Bill Dobie, CEO, Sedna

The Gold Membership also provides opportunities to feature Sedna news and updates on SMN’s online news platform, as well as offering more Sedna speakers at the upcoming SMN events. 

“We're delighted to have Sedna join us on the Smart Maritime Council in 2023 and look forward to welcoming Bill and the rest of the team into our collaborative community. Sedna has made significant progress in recent years in improving access to data within operational workflows through its partnerships with both shipping companies and other maritime technology providers, facilitating integration between different software systems and promoting greater levels of knowledge exchange – fundamental issues in the drive to create a more efficient and sustainable industry. "

“We're excited to see how Sedna's further cooperation with our diverse group of maritime and supply chain stakeholders within the Smart Maritime Council can help in promoting even greater harmonisation of technology systems across the sector.”

Rob O’Dwyer, Co-Founder and Chief Networking Officer, Smart Maritime Network

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