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How AI email organisers transform employee experience

We're living in a world of continuously flooding inboxes. In 2023, the global daily email traffic amounted to 347.3 billion emails sent and received, according to a new study from The Radicati Group. With the average professional receiving such a high volume of messages every day, it's no wonder that email management becomes overwhelming. 

What if there was a way to simplify communication and improve the user experience at the same time? An AI email organiser does just that. 

In this blog post, we'll see how AI boosts productivity, contributing to enhanced employee experiences. 

What is an AI email organiser?

An AI email organiser is a software designed to manage, process, and organise emails. These AI tools use advanced algorithms to help clean up inboxes, categorise messages, set reminders, and even draft responses. But these are just the surface-level benefits. 

Here's a closer examination of its functionalities:

  • Auto tagging: An AI-powered email platform employs auto-tagging to automate email categorisation, enabling instant searches and filtering based on your specific interests. Different users will have inboxes that are tailored to them, with the messages that they need to see.
  • Content analysis: Alongside identifying and extracting data out of email content themselves, AI can also be utilised to do the same for email attachments. This accelerates your workflow by automating tedious document management tasks, where extracted data is then sent to third-party systems via webhooks.
  • Automated actioning: By analysing the content included in emails, rules can be set up to automatically action emails that are flagged. One example of this would be if an email contains Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Once flagged, this can be automatically deleted after a set amount of time, using time-based deletion rules, to comply with local laws and regulations.

How AI email management tools boost productivity

A global survey report by UIPath indicates that 83% of workers believe that business automation solutions have the potential to increase productivity and enhance job satisfaction. With AI-powered email tools, for example, you enhance employee productivity thanks to:

1. Optimised time-saving and efficiency

Using an AI email app considerably reduces the effort needed to manage your inbox. This means more time to focus on critical tasks, leading to increased organisational efficiency.

Here are the key features of an AI email management tool:

  • Intelligent catergorisation: The AI system swiftly tags messages based on urgency, content, and the sender's importance. This feature ensures that important emails are immediately visible, reducing the time spent searching for them.
  • Clutter reduction: Unnecessary promotional, personal emails or less critical notifications are separated or asked to be archived or deleted, ensuring the main inbox stays clutter-free and focuses on essential communications. This has become an expected feature of most email management tools today.

2. Streamlined workflows

As your operations team receives emails regarding an ongoing voyage, the AI email app automatically tags the voyage the email is related to and the importance of the email, bringing data directly from your Voyage Management System (VMS) into your inbox. This process eliminates the need for manual consolidation of data from disparate systems and enables quicker action-taking. AI email tools also integrate with other business tools, ensuring a seamless flow of information. 

AI email organisers can sync with CRM systems, calendars, task management tools, and customer support platforms, ensuring email insights benefit broader business operations. For example, Sedna's integration with Dataloy enables shipping companies to view schedules, cargo recaps, and vessel details alongside emails within one interface through their emails. With this visibility, it’s easier and faster for maritime stakeholders to make informed decisions.

3. Enhanced decision-making

By analysing patterns, AI email tools offer data-driven suggestions on which messages are crucial and can wait. This functionality aids employees in prioritising tasks and making informed decisions.

Here’s how:

  • AI email tools highlight only the messages you need to see, reducing email volume and providing a concise view of what's important. This enables quicker and more accurate decision-making.
  • The system detects and tags urgent requests, deadlines, or meetings mentioned in emails, ensuring it captures all vital details that require immediate attention. This information empowers maritime professionals to respond swiftly and effectively.

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4. Reduced email fatigue

Constant notifications, fear of missing important messages, and sorting through a messy inbox lead to email fatigue. Continuously checking, replying, and organising communications can be mentally draining. Using AI to clean up email reduces this strain, so employees focus on their primary roles.

Here are the features that help reduce burnout from email overload:

  • Smart filtering: This app feature discerns and segregates promotional content, newsletters, and spam, ensuring a clutter-free inbox.
  • Contextual tagging: By identifying the context of emails, the AI email app tags them suitably, facilitating easy retrieval later.
  • Follow-up reminders: The AI tool sets alerts based on email content, aiding in honouring commitments and task completion.
  • Attachment management: This AI email app feature systematically organises attachments for effortless location and access.

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5. Customised user experience

Not every employee works the same way. AI email organisers provide distinct inbox experiences depending on individual preferences and their role. Auto-categorisation will allow users to build a unique inbox that is tailored to them. For instance, using job tags to target voyage communications will mean that a team of operators will have inboxes tailored to their preference in terms of the content they view and manage. This approach allows for faster action and less time spent manually finding emails related to certain voyages. 

Instead of wrestling with an inbox that feels generic and cluttered, employees engage with a system tailored to their needs. This level of customisation elevates the user experience from generic to genuinely personal.

6. Robust security

According to the Proofpoint State of the Phish report, 88% of organisations encounter spear phishing attacks annually. Secure email communications are crucial for protecting sensitive data and complying with international maritime laws. 

By using an AI email organiser that proactively filters your inbox down to only what you need, you reduce the potential touchpoints for vulnerabilities. The less emails you see in your inbox, the less chance of seeing and clicking a phishing email.

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Some AI email tools also introduce added security measures, for example ‘Verified by Sedna’. This is a tag on any email that is sent from Stream, to another user on Stream. This means you know internal communications are sent from who they say they are, reducing the potential threat of phishing.

When organisations trust their communication tools to reduce threats, they can concentrate on their tasks without worrying about possible breaches. Using AI tools for email ensures both data protection and focused work.

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Experience AI-powered email organisation with Sedna

As businesses shift towards more integrated communication platforms, AI's role in processing and organising information and driving digital transformation becomes increasingly significant. 

Sedna is more than an AI email organiser. It surpasses traditional inbox management by using advanced algorithms to ensure that communications are streamlined and tailored to maritime use cases. 

With Sedna, teams anticipate market shifts, fortify customer relations, and capitalise on hidden opportunities, giving shipping companies a competitive edge in an ever-evolving business landscape. With features that cater effectively to maritime needs, Sedna provides a seamless experience, reducing clutter and enhancing productivity. If you're seeking a platform that truly understands the nuances of AI-powered email management in the maritime sector, Sedna is the answer.

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