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Sedna partners with digital Maritime company Spot Ship to help turn email data into action

The new partnership brings together innovative tech to help Maritime professionals make accurate and fast decisions from their email data.

16 October 2023, London, UK: Sedna, a UK-based software company, has today announced a new partnership with Maritime technology company Spot Ship, combining forces to turn email data into action. The agreement will see integration between their technologies - particularly parsing, extracting and enriching data from the emails received by shipping professionals.

Email is the primary communication medium for global trade, which means hundreds of messages arrive in a shipping professional's inbox every day. Only a fraction of these emails may contain relevant data about the market, voyages and cargo - and this can lead to missed opportunities that impact the bottom line. Sedna’s products unlock the potential of data buried inside vast amounts of emails, add context and consolidate critical data into a clear dashboard view so no opportunity is missed. 

Spot Ship’s data technology will initially support Sedna’s aim to transform the shipping professional's work day by helping them see important information and take action - but there is potential to deepen integration and touch other areas of the industry in the future. 

This new partnership advances Sedna’s belief that an open technology ecosystem and business collaboration is key to simplifying complex information flows. By partnering with both established industry leaders and innovative start-ups, Sedna supports secure data exchange that delivers maximum value. By reducing the noise from an overwhelming influx of email and data from other systems, Sedna can surface the information people need to make faster and more accurate decisions. 

“Without doubt, shipping is entering the data age - fast. However, the problem of exploiting data in shipping is far too large and complex for any one player to tackle alone. We’re absolutely thrilled to be joining forces with Sedna to deliver the joint data solution that the value chain has spent the last 20 years waiting for.”

James Kellett, Founder & CEO, Spot Ship
“Collaboration and embracing innovative tech is more important than ever in the Maritime industry. It takes multiple hands to make massive amounts of data useful for professionals who are trying to make informed decisions in trade. I’m excited to announce our partnership with the Spot Ship team - who share our vision to bring more accurate and easy-to-understand data to customers so they can improve business outcomes.” 

Bill Dobie, Founder & CEO, Sedna

Partnering with Spot Ship will allow the creation of an organised view of Maritime data for customers - ultimately furthering Sedna’s vision to make trade go faster. 

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Sedna is a data-driven communication platform built to drive profitability in Maritime, by lightening the manual work of managing email and presenting data so teams can make better decisions. Sedna provides businesses with a competitive edge by seamlessly connecting an organisation's ecosystem with their communication, leveraging data and messages to empower teams with vital context and faster ways to manage email. 

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