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AI-powered automatic email triage

Save hours every day with automatic email triage.

The power of inbox management software

What is AI email triage?

AI-powered automated email triage tools do the heavy admin lifting and surfacing valuable data hidden in your inbox. Sedna’s products, Stream and Pulse, are purpose-built for the Supply Chain, to maximise your efficiency and ensure you spend as little time as possible triaging your email.

Why automate email triage?

Automated AI triage is crucial to Supply Chain productivity. Time spent handling and sorting your email inbox can instead be spent making your business more profitable. The quicker you can surface the data you need from your inbox, the quicker you can take action and satisfy your customers.

Inbox AI that drives profitability

10 hours saved per team member, per week 

2x more vessels managed, due to better efficiency

84% of customers see improved productivity

AI email triage for the Supply Chain

Email AI tools

Email is the main entry point for enterprise data, which makes it uniquely positioned to be at the centre of the evolution of AI. Sedna AI is built on email data and is an industry leader when it comes to  empowering your inbox with AI triage.

Email within Supply Chain

As the primary channel for Maritime and Supply Chain communication, email isn’t going anywhere fast. Triaging email and surfacing the data that’s lost within the thousands of daily messages is the challenge facing many in the Supply Chain. 

How do I find the right email triage software for me?

A tool built for your industry

An email triage tool that understands how you communicate and pulls important data from those communications is crucial to finding success. At Sedna, we understand the criticality of email communication in the Supply Chain - this means we’re perfectly positioned to maximise the efficiency of automated email triage.

Purpose-built onboarding

Automation to triage email only works effectively when your team is utilising the tool’s functionality to the best of their ability. A guided onboarding process is critical to making sure that firstly, the automation is built with your priorities and responsibilities in mind and secondly, you’re measuring the success of the automation you deploy.