15 Fundamental Ways to Improve Company Efficiency 

Why is company efficiency so hard to achieve? With the technological boom of the last few decades you might think that running an operationally efficient business has never been easier, and yet so often businesses still struggle with meeting deadlines and stripping out redundant workflows. If you’re an enterprise that’s wrestling with inefficiency, consider these […]

How to Measure Effective Communication in the Workplace

  “If we consider that $39,818 is the average annual wage in the OECD member countries, and 1,686 is the average annual hours worked per employee, then ineffective employee communication could be costing you an average of $15,350 per worker, per year in terms of time wasted searching for information. Extrapolate that to a 1,000-employee […]

How to Measure Effective Communication in the Workplace

Domain-Specific Language and SEDNA’s Elasticsearch

As the first in the series, this week’s blog comes from the incredible engineering team that makes SEDNA’s intelligent communication system possible. As SEDNA continues to grow and develop our product, we aim to pull back the curtain and share with you our knowledge along the way—from the building blocks that make up SEDNA, to […]

A Complete List of SEDNA Shipping Integrations

A complete list of shipping integrations currently supported by SEDNA—with more on the way—including A3, Q88.com and Shipamax.

SEDNA and OrbitMI Integrate to Improve Maritime Communications

We’re excited to announce our newest integration with OrbitMI’s maritime intelligence platform—one that will significantly help vessel managers save and manage time, decrease risk of errors, and optimize overall performance.

New at SEDNA: Added Features for Effortless Collaboration

We’ve added and improved several new features to SEDNA’s team communication software to help global, remote, and distributed teams collaborate easily and effectively.