Freight forwarders: If they’re ‘just the middleman’, why are they so important?

3 reasons why freight forwarders are critical to supply chain success The term ‘middleman’ is often used to describe something that is in between other more significant subjects in a transaction and, because of this, the term can have negative connotations. The nature of a freight forwarder’s job on the surface is almost literally that […]

International Women’s Day: An Email to My Younger Self

    This International Women’s Day (8 March 2023) we are celebrating the women employees, customers, and partners across the global SEDNA community.  Recognised and celebrated around the world, the annual event is held to recognise women’s achievements across societies, cultures, and economies. It is also held to accelerate the work already being done calling […]

Going Digital: How technology can overhaul the maritime sector in 2023

  By Bill Dobie, Founder and CEO of SEDNA   Supply chain disruptions have defined the last couple of years. And while COVID-19 continues to showcase its volatile brutality and the world adapts to a new ‘normal’, 2023 looks set to bring its own set of challenges. Continued geopolitical tensions, persistent inflation, and increasing interest […]

SEDNA appoints maritime executive Travis Monson as head of Asia-Pacific Office

  Former Monson Agencies CEO, Director, and Board Member joins SEDNA’s Asia-Pacific Team, based in Singapore, to expand SEDNA’s customer and partner base across the region.   Monson: “Our goal across 2023 and beyond is to take digitisation within shipping and the broader supply chain to the next level.” SEDNA customers with bases in Asia-Pacific […]

Digital platforms SEDNA and Voyager join forces to advance global voyage management

  New tech integration will make data from the two solutions instantly available to maritime users to quickly and easily manage voyage documents, smoothing out an otherwise potentially burdensome process.   31 January 2023, London, UK and Houston, Texas – SEDNA, the enterprise email solution set up to transform business processes by connecting email with […]

SEDNA advances all-in-one email solution with new AI features to reduce manual and repetitive work

  Product update enhances SEDNA email experience with add-ons that use artificial intelligence to automate manual and repetitive tasks, like invoice processing, deleting personal data, and managing service-level agreements. Other features launched as part of a wider product release named after the star constellation ‘Alhena’ include a new apps marketplace to find other integrations to […]

Freight Forwarding and Email: Make the Most of Your Inbox

  In the world of logistics, it’s important to have accurate and up-to-date information at all times. If important details are missed or data is mistyped in traditional email platforms, it can have serious consequences, including delays, errors, and additional costs. Transitioning email to structured data must be more efficient than it is today. Read […]

Effective email management with SEDNA frees up 2 hours per day per user

There are lots of email management best practices and tips out there to help users improve email management and get on top of the high volume of emails. The tips don’t change much from site to site, however, users are still not managing emails better and the fundamental reason why is that they are still […]

SEDNA saves users up to 2 hours per day

In today’s globally connected world, with rising numbers of imports and exports and an industry incorporating the latest trade trends into its work, the shipping sector is fast-evolving – and time is of the essence. Given the importance of time in securing and advancing day-to-day shipping operations, digital tools need to provide efficiencies to enable […]

SEDNA joins Smart Maritime Network to advance maritime and logistic industries as they move to the digital sphere

SEDNA has joined the Smart Maritime Network (SMN), a global platform dedicated to promoting the benefits of technology and new innovations to inform and push forward the maritime, transport and logistics sectors. Through connecting business emails with third-party maritime apps and other work tools to save time, transform day-to-day work processes, and help decision-making, SEDNA […]

The Secret Ingredient To Building Better Email, With Head of Research Julianne Bowman

Using enterprise software is like going to a large restaurant: there’s so many options available, you may never try every item on the menu. SEDNA makes email easier to manage than traditional inboxes, but how you make things easier will vary based on the tools and features that complement your workflows. So long as what […]

How digitalization can impact efficiency for the maritime Industry

A survey undertaken in 2020 carried out by Informa Engage, on behalf of Inmarsat highlighted that 71% of respondents primary drivers for digitization within the maritime sector were cost reduction and operational efficiency. The findings of this in- depth report also point to a rapidly increasing need to get data off a vessel in real-time, […]

🍿 Breakbulk Bites: Maritime technology powering the future of business-critical operations

Alongside thousands of others, SEDNA are saddling up and making our way to Houston for Breakbulk Americas at the end of September. It’s an incredible opportunity to rekindle longstanding friendships, make new ones and to empower industry leaders to improve their operational efficiency to save staff hours a day.   How is technology shaping the […]

🍿 Breakbulk Bites: Maritime technology powering the future of business-critical operations

New Integration: + SEDNA support Freight Forwarding operations is a cloud-based system integration platform that connects partners across the global supply chain. Instead of slow, expensive point-to-point connectivity, it allows supply chain customers to connect to TMS’s via API, EDI, and more. 

New Integration: + SEDNA support Freight Forwarding operations

War in Ukraine: A Statement From SEDNA Founder and CEO, Bill Dobie

My heart breaks for the human suffering being caused by the Russian government’s unprovoked and illegal invasion of Ukraine. As a business, we stand 100% with Ukraine. I have made a personal donation to various relief efforts, and employees have organized multiple internal fundraising and support initiatives. Furthermore, we continue to support our SEDNA colleagues […]