New Integration: + SEDNA support Freight Forwarding operations is a cloud-based system integration platform that connects partners across the global supply chain. Instead of slow, expensive point-to-point connectivity, it allows supply chain customers to connect to TMS’s via API, EDI, and more. 

New Integration: + SEDNA support Freight Forwarding operations

War in Ukraine: A Statement From SEDNA Founder and CEO, Bill Dobie

My heart breaks for the human suffering being caused by the Russian government’s unprovoked and illegal invasion of Ukraine. As a business, we stand 100% with Ukraine. I have made a personal donation to various relief efforts, and employees have organized multiple internal fundraising and support initiatives. Furthermore, we continue to support our SEDNA colleagues […]

Shipping Software and the Power of Remote Work With Account Executive, James Moses

When it comes to finding out the value of SEDNA and the work trends within the Shipping Industry, SEDNA’s Account Executives are incredible sources of knowledge and insight. Today, SEDNA sat down with the delightful James Moses to get his unique perspective on SEDNA as a tool for remote work and a competitive advantage for […]

Why Western Bulk Chose SEDNA as Their Software Solution

As many shipping operators will happily tell you, the road to success is secure, scalable, and integrated. The question then is how do you pave that road, and what solutions really make the difference?  Click here for the full Western Bulk Story or Book a Personalized Demo (Image Ref: Unsplash) Who Is Western Bulk? Western Bulk […]

SEDNA Shipping Integrations

A complete list of shipping integrations currently supported by SEDNA—with more on the way—including A3, and Shipamax.

How Oil, Gas, and Energy Companies Can Streamline Workflows With Collaboration Software 

The oil and gas industry, like many complex industries, is one often battling challenges with operational efficiency and collaboration—but why? And is there a simple solution? Index What Are the Collaboration Challenges for Oil, Gas, and Energy? How Effective Collaboration Software Can Improve the Oil and Gas Industry What Collaboration Software Should You Choose? What […]

Careers With SEDNA: Co-Op Student Esha on Her Time With the Engineering Team

Here at SEDNA, we’re always on the lookout for great people to join our team, even if that can only be for a short time! One of the most rewarding ventures we offer is our co-op schemes, where we get to enjoy a fresh new perspective and, with any luck, provide some real-world experience!    […]

Managing Remote Team Communication: How to Beat Email Fatigue, Get Organized, and More

Whether working remotely is a dream come true for you or a waking nightmare, there’s no denying it requires some adjustments. Here’s how to approach remote team communication in order to be an effective team member, while also protecting your own mental health.