Making Digital Progress: Building the digital platform for the shipping community


Abstract view of how AIS data can be used in shipping. 


Later this week, SEDNA’s maritime and technology experts will join a line-up of speakers at London Charterers’ and Shipbrokers’ Forum 2023, an event organised by Digital Progress London, to discuss how shipping is increasingly using technology to overcome maritime challenges. 

Ahead of a talk exploring how we are building the SEDNA platform to advance shipping operations, we sat down with speaker Leigh Steed-Middleton, SVP of Product and Engineering at SEDNA, to find out more about what he’ll be discussing on the day.




SEDNA will be returning to Digital Progress’ London Charterers’ and Shipbrokers’ Forum 2023 on Wednesday 17 May, providing an important get-together for digital maritime providers and companies looking to invest and stay on top of the latest tips and trends in maritime technology. 

You’ll take to the stage in the afternoon to discuss how email can be revamped to become the hub of business intelligence for shipbrokers and other maritime professionals. What will you be uncovering in your talk?


I’ll be deep-diving into the history of data-sharing and processing in the maritime sector and other industries and considering how we can better use email to make information more accessible, visible and valuable to day-to-day and longer-term shipping operations. 

This is because the flow of goods around the world is managed within the inbox. In fact, shipping professionals can receive hundreds if not thousands of emails a day – and they need to make sure they are attending to them in a timely manner to get the job done, avoid risk, delays and lost revenue.

However, there is a fundamental problem with email. Little has been done to evolve the technology since it was invented in the 1970s, leading to siloed workflows, overwhelming inboxes and little way of finding information. As a result, it can lead to people spending too much time in their inbox, 

SEDNA launched as a way to challenge this. Through recognising these limitations, we’re building a product to work for the maritime and supply chain industry – and not the other way around. 

I’ll share an overview of SEDNA’s history and case studies exploring the use of utilising data and digital in other industries and highlight the potential of using tech to move shipping operators and other maritime professionals from data to insight and action.



Leigh Steed-Middleton, SVP of Product and Engineering, SEDNA



Why do you think forums like Digital Progress are important and what are you expecting from the event?


After nearly three years of disruptions, the world is once again returning back to in-person meetings and events – and it’s great to see the benefit and value of getting everybody together again in this way. Digital is, of course, extremely powerful, but it’s good to be able to connect to one another again. This is especially true as the maritime sector is a tight-knit network which thrives and grows through these kinds of in-person meet-ups.

That’s why events like Digital Progress are so important – it provides visitors with the latest insight, news and views into important topics and trends within the maritime digitalisation sector.

With the world constantly changing and new technologies on the way, it is a really valuable platform to network, meet new people joining the sector, share tips, ideas and developments, and stay abreast of the latest trends and technologies.

With the majority of SEDNA’s customers working within maritime, this is a great opportunity to connect to our customers, while also sharing our story with other companies who can benefit from SEDNA. 

Plus, many of our partners are due to attend the event. Partnership and collaboration is one of the key factors in ‘making SEDNA, SEDNA’, as we integrate with innovative maritime apps and other industry-agnostic tools to build a solution with everything you need in one place. We’ll be catching up with some of our integration partners at the Forum and progressing our joint visions further.


How else will SEDNA be contributing on the day?


SEDNA is a sponsor of London Charterers’ and Shipbrokers’ Forum 2023 and we’ll have a group of SEDNA experts attending the day, as well as the drinks reception. 

In addition to my talk, my colleague Cynthia Worley will also be speaking on the morning panel which will provide a ‘state of the nation’ look at how far maritime digitalisation has come, the challenges that still remain, and what is next for its implementation. 

Please come along and hear our plans and perspectives.




Join SEDNA and other maritime experts at London Charterers’ and Shipbrokers’ Forum 2023 on May 17, 2023.


Not to miss: 

Session 1: Panel Discussion with SEDNA VP Strategic Accounts, Cynthia Worley

Exploring the current landscape, trends, and developments in the market. The session will be led by Jochem Donkers (Maritime Technology Specialist and Business Consultant, Skysail Advisors). Other panelists joining Cynthia include Steve Fletcher (CCO, AxsMarine), Arthur Richer (Head of Strategic Partnerships, Vortexa) and Andrew Roberts (Head of EMEA, Rightship) 


Session 3: Workflow Strategies with SEDNA SVP Product and Engineering, Leigh-Steed Middleton

Exploring the history of email, data and maritime, our inbox challenges, and how we are working with our customers to build a system to save time, reduce risk, and improve commercial performance in maritime and supply chain companies.