How to Solve Your Biggest Document Management Problems with Flexdocs

The Problem

Business transactions are complex and often associated with multiple documents. These important pieces of content can get lost among the shuffle, costing both time and money for all parties involved. In a survey conducted by AIIM and Xerox, 53% of workers are looking for a simple and robust way to manage the latest versions of their documents. The biggest issue workers face is the inability to tag and file their content reliably.

Despite the emergence of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems, workers are still sending documents through email to maintain a single source of truth. In fact, 58% of respondents in the AIIM and Xerox survey admitted that they store local copies of documents on their PCs and share via email.

Enter our Flexdocs solution, a better way to capture, store, update, access, and share the latest documents all within a team’s shared inbox.

What is Flexdocs?

Flexdocs provides a document tagging interface through which users can quickly create and send a package of documents, as well as, manage the document version to ensure the most recent documentation is being used. This can all be done within SEDNA’s team collaboration system, so workers have the context related to documents on hand.

Use Case

Organizations frequently share multiple documents. In fact, one vessel may have 20 to 30 documents that could be sent over multiple messages. This creates an issue not only for the person responsible for storing the latest information, as many of these documents update over the course of a year, but also those sending and receiving information in an organized fashion.

A frequent use case is when beginning a new voyage, charterers need to provide ports and terminals with the latest specs and safety certifications to ensure the vessel will allow for loading and unloading of the cargo.

Using Flexdocs, the charterer will be able to:

  • Tag a safety certification document directly from their email with the appropriate vessel

  • Set an optional expiration date for the document

  • Easily share the safety certification as a link or document through email to all parties (internal or external), who require access to the latest version of the safety certification

Flexdocs makes document retrieval more contextual, accessible, and actionable. See Flexdocs in action with our instructional video below.

For step-by-step instructions on how to tag your documents and share your package of documents with the relevant parties, visit our support page.