How to find your organizational flow for effortless operations

Say goodbye to time-sinking silos and manual rework and say hello to dream teamwork — without disrupting your comms systems.


The last three years have been a breeding ground for volatility and complexity. Every business is facing some amount of risk, uncertainty and doubt thanks to pandemic-imposed remote working, inflation, rapid price rises, de-carbonization, and now the war in Ukraine. 

This new status quo is putting business processes in the spotlight. They need to be adaptable enough to cope with change, but leaders know they’re often not as agile or flexible as they need to be during tumultuous times.

Why does it matter if your processes are on point? More than ever, business is a team sport and consistent collaboration can help in the face of change. But thanks to data fragmentation, disconnection and siloed workflows, the true potential and expertise of teams is squandered.

Effortless operations might sound like a pipe dream, but it’s closer than you think. This blog explores how to achieve operational flow during a time of friction.


The email problem

If you’re looking for operational agility, you might not immediately look towards your email. Although email is many organizations’ most-used platform, it’s also not built for collaboration. If anything, it’s a barrier to the adaptability most people are seeking.


The true value of email is hidden under a deluge of information. Data is locked in impenetrable silos, processes slow down and errors abound. Traditional email is fragile and unconnected, causing poor information sharing and insight across functions.

But email isn’t going anywhere. It’s become a universal currency, especially for business-critical transactions between organizations. This means people have had to make it work for them any way they can, including putting in place various workarounds, apps and solutions to solve the email problem. 

As a result, people fear rip and replace — and rightly so. One lost email could mean a big cost to business. And it’s hard to see that your most valuable data, such as information on contracts, deals and customer insights, is hiding in plain sight — ready to unlock effortless operations. 

It’s easy to see why people don’t want to change what they’ve been used to for decades, even if it is the biggest barrier to flow and efficiency. But, to unlock your most valuable operational data, you don’t need to fear change, you just need to embrace improvement.


Go with the operational flow

Operational flow happens when your workflows just work. Your teams are connected and your data is easily unlocked for premium operational insight. Sounds pretty peachy — and it can be.

A new way doesn’t have to mean throwing out old systems. You can achieve operational flow by leaving your data and apps untouched, with minimal disruption to your comms ecosystem.

SEDNA removes operational friction and unlocks the information trapped inside your email platforms. How? In three ways.

  1. A meta-tagging architecture that exposes all the vital data locked into personal emails, making it usable for every member of the team and helping build more efficient workflows. 
  2. Easy integration with any back-end system of record that permits greater operational agility.
  3. A unique roles-based user interface that allows team members to collaborate in real time on driving better outcomes.

This kind of flow leaves manual, messy processes behind while leaving your data where it lives. It allows for a new kind of operational agility that wipes out siloes and centers collaboration in your organization.


Make operational transformation possible

There’s never been a better time to tackle transformation, but it’s the kind of word that can invoke fear for any organization. Transforming your operations doesn’t have to be a years’ long process full of pain, but instead it can be a focused effort around your most-used platform that’s also most in need of a makeover.

So, now you know there’s a better way to find your organizational flow. Just by reading this, you’re on your way. Ready to rethink your email and make your business better? Let’s go.


Learn more about adopting our ethos for effortless operations, here.