NORDEN Adopts SEDNA as their Team Collaboration Platform

With an owned and chartered fleet of over 300 dry cargo and tanker vessels, NORDEN is the latest in a line of businesses in the shipping industry to adopt SEDNA’s software. NORDEN will use SEDNA across its business, replacing email as the default mode of communication for teams, and forming a key part the company’s business strategy of ‘Focus and Simplicity.

Focus and Simplicity

This reflects a growing awareness of the latent efficiencies hidden in email workflows throughout the industry. As NORDEN develops its business to create value in the dry cargo and tanker markets – both challenging sectors with relatively small margins – a strong focus on costs and efficiency is crucial.

Although most email in shipping is used by teams, the software used to process it is typically designed for individuals. This means that many professionals spend large amounts of time tagging and filing emails – up to two hours a day in some instances. SEDNA replaces the need to file or archive emails, with instant search functionality, unlimited archiving, programmability and automated tagging. According to Sture Freudenreich, Head of IT at NORDEN, SEDNA will allow the company to establish new, streamlined processes to manage transactions.

“Switching to SEDNA gives us the chance to re-examine our workflows and potentially save hours every day in team collaboration. The system is in line with our ‘Focus and Simplicity’ strategy, which will help us unlock valuable resources to develop and grow our business. The SEDNA team’s responsiveness and ability to help our users have been invaluable in ensuring a smooth rollout.

At NORDEN, SEDNA will be used by people across commercial, tankers, asset management, fuel efficiency, technical, IT and HR.

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