Polaris Release: Welcome to a new and improved SEDNA that makes managing email even faster

What’s new in SEDNA?

Better email and in-team work

  • Email with SEDNA has been made even better. Manage your inboxes efficiently with access to new and improved tools for teams and individuals. 

Better cross-team collaboration 

  • Get more context on messages and easily collaborate with teams and suppliers outside of SEDNA. You’ll never have to leave the platform to get something done.

Even more effortless operations 

  • Receive even more visibility of mission critical information. Use new integrations to contextualize emails automatically with data, and build smart workflows that optimize your team’s valuable time. 

In 2017, we set out on a mission to change the way organizations communicate for good–replacing fragile, inefficient and unconnected email systems with one that empowers businesses to work better, smarter and faster. 

We’ve been proud to see how SEDNA has helped organizations collaborate in a low-risk operational environment that works for them–improving staff productivity, customer service and profitability along the way.

But there’s always room for improvement to help our customers make better decisions and achieve their goals even faster. That’s why we’re changing the way we update our platform–moving to a series of seasonal releases that are extensively tested by the people who use it most.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at our latest release – Polaris – getting under the hood of all the new and updated SEDNA features that are already helping teams and individuals manage their inboxes better than ever before.

Better email and in-team work

Faster, more accurate reading at-a-glance 

We’ve adjusted how the platform’s feed looks to give users greater clarity over their inboxes. By using different colors to indicate message status and level of importance, the information that matters most to you is now even easier to find.

See what matters most to you

Users can now align different versions of “Important” into a single, user-configurable way–placing all relevant messages across your shared inbox in one place. This allows you to follow and view your priority work more easily than ever before.

Achieve inbox zero with Bulk Archive

You can now archive limitless messages for you and your whole team-making it even easier to achieve “inbox zero”.


A place for your solo work

Site administrators can now enable solo inboxes for their users, so you can create private messages and tag individuals rather than teams within the platform.

Better cross-team collaboration 

Seamlessly share messages between teams

Gain complete control over how you collaborate on messages. Share messages, comments, notes and bookmarks with individuals or teams. Using SEDNA Lite, allow your extended team outside SEDNA to comment on messages just like your teams inside SEDNA do–reducing email volume along the way.

Improved visibility on the Context Panel 

We’ve enhanced the Context Panel UI to display information more efficiently, so it’s now even easier to see tags, comments and content around any message.

Even more effortless operations 

Faster workflows for manual tasks

It’s now possible to create no-code workflows for manual tasks. Teams can make their own autotaggers without having to contact SEDNA support–saving time and providing automated workflows for even more effortless collaboration.

Extract key data points with Chain.io and Cargowise

New integrations with Chain.io and Cargowise automate context for voyages, and provide instant access to valuable voyage and vessel data–removing the need to switch between platforms.

Want to learn more about Polaris and how SEDNA can help transform your business? Sign up for one of our Polaris demo webinars – taking place on 19th, 21st, 26th and 28th July – and keep an eye on this page for more insights into the release from our team.