Why Email Is a Hard Habit to Break

Why is email such a hard habit to break? No matter how you slice it, humans are creatures of habit. We fear change, resist the unknown, and assume that doing the same things we always have will surely save more time than learning something new. It’s part of the reason we binge-watch shows we’ve seen a million times or feel overly affectionate for the 90s. Nostalgia—like an episode of The Office—can feel very safe and very familiar, which (it might be argued) is an all the more coveted feeling in a world that’s undergone some paradigm-shifting changes in the past few years.

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This innate desire for comfort and safety is, in part, the reason that email is so prolific. Ignoring the fact that today’s business demands are more than traditional email platforms can manage, still, email continues to be the bread and butter of businesses all across the globe. 

In 2020 alone, roughly 306.4 billion emails were estimated to have been sent and received. By 2025 this figure is estimated to rise to over 376.4 billion! That’s a lot of emails, so is it any wonder that with so many business professionals using email as their main form of communication, that email is killing productivity

Some Shocking Email Facts:

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What’s the Solution to Bloated Email?


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Email isn’t going away anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean we have to get used to its constant demands on our time and inner peace. The real question we should be asking is not how to be rid of email, but rather, how should email evolve to keep up with modern business practices?

It was this very challenge that set the wheels in motion for us here at SEDNA. Rather than try and wrestle away inbox access from a world all too used to it, we instead set about creating a communication tool with email at its heart. Not only do SEDNA’s powerful features mean you can reduce your overall email volume by a whopping 95%, but it also means you never miss an important message. The best bit? With SEDNA’s digital transformation support, the switch to SEDNA is super simple and gets you back to doing what you do best without missing a beat. 


What Our Customers Think About SEDNA’s Reimagined Email Solution:


“If you’re an Operator, you don’t have to read the thousand emails a day. You can just read those that are relevant to you. So it really changes how you can operate in one big mailbox, but be sure that you don’t miss anything.”

Chief Digital Officer, Western Bulk


“Switching to SEDNA gives us the chance to re-examine our workflows and save hours every day in team collaboration.”

Head of IT, NORDEN 


“Our previous email system was at the max of its capacities in processing 1,300 emails per day. We were storing and processing so many emails that by dragging and dropping an email from the inbox to the designated folder, it was taking up to 5 or 10 seconds per email.”

Chartering Manager, Viterra

What Can SEDNA Do for You?

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