SEDNA advances all-in-one email solution with new AI features to reduce manual and repetitive work

Photo of man looking at computer screen with Sedna user interface screen shots showing invoice processing screens


  • Product update enhances SEDNA email experience with add-ons that use artificial intelligence to automate manual and repetitive tasks, like invoice processing, deleting personal data, and managing service-level agreements.

  • Other features launched as part of a wider product release named after the star constellation ‘Alhena’ include a new apps marketplace to find other integrations to use in SEDNA, and a calendar feature.

  • Rollout of new tools is designed to give SEDNA users more control over their inbox and allow businesses to work faster.


January 27 2023, London, UKSEDNA, the innovative email solution designed to enhance business operations, has rolled out new updates to its all-in-one digital platform. This includes the launch of ten features that use SEDNA’s own artificial intelligence (AI) technology to automate repetitive and manual work tasks and help save businesses time and resources.

The features were launched globally as part of a wider product release named after the star constellation, Alhena. It is the latest release of enhancements to be made to SEDNA, the digital solution launched in 2017 to combat the challenges offered by traditional email platforms, like siloed working and inbox overload, and instead revamp email to transform business processes. 

Examples of manual tasks that can now be automatically handled by SEDNA to ensure data accuracy and allow SEDNA users to become more efficient and focus on other tasks, include invoice processing, managing quotes, deleting personal data, and keeping track of service-level agreements (SLAs) and estimated time of arrivals (ETAs).

SEDNA customersincluding leading global shipping and logistics companies like Ardmore Shipping, NORDEN and Bunge, as well as Enterprise companies in other industries, such as Starling Bankcan request the tools as add-ons to their email subscriptions through a newly launched apps marketplace page, named ‘Connected Apps’.

The ‘Connected Apps’ page lets SEDNA customers easily find, request and connect to these tools, as well as other third-party apps and tech integrations. Offering these integrations all from within the SEDNA platform saves users time switching between apps and means key business information is brought under one roof.

With over 40% of workers spending at least a quarter of their work week on manual tasks, like data collection and data entry, the updates are also designed to help SEDNA users gain additional time back during their working days. This is on top of the time savings already reported by customers who are saving two hours per employee per day using SEDNA.


Bill Dobie, Founder and CEO of SEDNA, said:

 “The rapid emergence of artificial intelligence means that innovative technologies, like SEDNA’s proprietary AI technology, can now be used to combat unnecessary administrative burden by completing much of the heavy lifting on repetitive work processes with minimal employee input. 

“These enhancements made to SEDNA’s email platform are critical to help world-leading corporations save time, drive effortless operations and improve business performance, pushing forward SEDNA’s ultimate aim to give the world back a billion hours per day.”


Other updates launched as part of the Alhena product release include a new calendar feature for better time oversight and meeting scheduling. IT Admins at organisations using SEDNA will also be able to configure specific settings to control and fine tune the routing of important emails across teams. Altogether, the new features give SEDNA users more control over their inbox and improve day-to-day work processes.


Leigh Steed-Middleton, Senior VP of Engineering and Product at SEDNA, added:

“At SEDNA we take great pride in being able to design and build our product with our customers at heart. The new package of features will not only improve the day-to-day user experience of SEDNA, it will also be felt by our customers through making their work processes more efficient. Over the course of the year, we will continue to roll out further updates in seasonal SEDNA releases to empower teams and individuals with insights and tools to drive better business decisions.”




SEDNA’s Media Kit with screenshots of the new features launched as part of the Alhena update are available here.


Notes to Editors

SEDNA aims to overcome the challenges of traditional email platforms which are no longer fit for purpose in today’s climate of large, remote and globally distributed workforces dealing with enormous volumes of business critical information. Through innovative features including shared team collaboration, lightning-fast search for information, and integration of business critical apps, SEDNA helps companies worldwide move away from siloed inboxes, email overload and administrative burden, to instead automate processes for quicker and more efficient business decisions.

Through the Alhena update, customers can choose to enhance their SEDNA workspace through picking SEDNA add-ons: personal data removal, invoice processing, quote automation, SLA monitoring, bunker invoice processing, vessel type autotagger, vessel certificate processing, ETA updates, customs document workflow, and proof of delivery management. Add-ons use SEDNA’s proprietary AI technology⁠—originally named Shelly and acquired by SEDNA in June 2022⁠. A full list of all features launched as part of the Alhena update is available on the SEDNA website.

Customers can also add industry-agnostic third-party digital tools, like Salesforce, into SEDNA, as well as apps designed for maritime supply chain operations, such as ABRAXA, AXSMarine, Cargowise (via, Dataloy, Q88, and Veson IMOS. A full list of integrations is available to view in the Connected Apps page in SEDNA.

The new SEDNA calendar feature connects to Microsoft Teams or Google Meet. SEDNA users with solo inboxes can connect their calendars to SEDNA to view, add to, and edit their daily schedules and upcoming meeting details all from within the SEDNA platform. Users can also RSVP to new events and meeting requests within SEDNA, saving time from switching between SEDNA and other online calendar tools. Offering the calendar as an in-app function also decreases the risk of potential error to ultimately enable more efficient day-to-day business operations.



Launched in 2017, SEDNA transforms business processes by connecting work email to core business systems. It empowers teams and individuals with insights and tools to drive better decisions. Leading global companies are using SEDNA, with over 8500 customers and 150 companies using SEDNA to date. SEDNA has publicly disclosed USD 44 million through Series A and B funding rounds backed by global venture capital and private equity firm Insight Partners, alongside Stride.VC, Chalfen Ventures and the SAP.iO fund. Discover more about SEDNA on our website. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter (@sednanetwork).


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