SEDNA + Q88 Integration Streamlines Communication in Shipping

It’s safe to say anyone who works in the shipping and commodity logistics industries can speak to the sheer amount of data, correspondence, and moving parts—both figurative and literal—that need to be tracked, responded to, and accounted for on any given day. And how one delay or piece of information slipping through the cracks can create a domino effect that slows everything down, making efficiency and accuracy essential to effective communication.

Which is why we’re excited to announce that SEDNA has officially partnered up with information management and smart email platform Q88 to create a handy integration that makes managing communications and data within the shipping industry simpler, more efficient, and more reliable.

The SEDNA + Q88 Solution

Typically, information tracking and communication between shipping teams has been through traditional email and siloed personal inboxes, spreading data across disconnected systems. Not only does this create excess email volume to provide context and necessary information, it increases cognitive fatigue and the risk of lost information from constant system and context switching. The SEDNA + Q88 integration eliminates this redundancy and risk by creating a single home for shipping communications that unifies all relevant data.

Our teams have worked to integrate the entire Q88 family of products into SEDNA so users can easily navigate messages based on vessel, voyage, and cargo data, get self-serve context through a shared inbox, and update any Q88 platform without the need to switch applications. Q88 tracks, processes, and curates relevant information while SEDNA’s team communication software provides a single source of truth for all data and conversations—on both desktop and in the SEDNA mobile app.

Where to Find the SEDNA + Q88 Integration

The Q88 integration can be accessed through SEDNA Link, our in-app integration management system. Clicking the app icon located above a message in SEDNA opens a panel that will display Q88’s product integrations. You can find more information in our Help Center. (If you’re a Q88 customer and don’t see the integration listed in your SEDNA Link panel, reach out to [email protected] and we’ll get you set up!)

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How the Integration Works

  • SEDNA automatically tags messages based on Q88-provided details so users can instantly search—in under 1 second, regardless of message volume—and surface all relevant messages

  • Related conversations that are assigned to a user in Q88 can be filtered in their SEDNA inbox

  • Users can see voyage details, including schedule, location, and financial information when viewing a related message

  • Users can update Q88 details directly from the SEDNA interface

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Fritz Heidenreich, President and Founder of Q88:

“Our goal is to create integrations and partnership with maritime professionals to extend our reach. We spot avenues in a noncompetitive way to work together and move the industry forward.” 

Bill Dobie, CEO of SEDNA:

“Bringing Q88 and SEDNA together means bringing more speed, trust, flexibility, and clarity to communication within the shipping industry. We’re incredibly excited to see this partnership come to fruition to help shipping professionals work more efficiently and productively.”

Using SEDNA + Q88 Together

The integration is available for SEDNA and Q88 customers. Already ticked those boxes? Reach out to [email protected] to inquire about getting set up. For those curious about SEDNA and how it can streamline your communication and workflows, check out NORDEN’s case study (and how they reduced their email volume by 90%) or reach out to our team for a quick personalized demo.