Western Bulk Leaps into the Future with SEDNA

Western Bulk is making bold changes to modernize their core communication systems and explore new ways of working more efficiently by moving to the cloud with SEDNA. The Norwegian dry bulk shipping company Western Bulk, chose SEDNA as their team-based transaction management platform for managing email and internal collaboration.

The selection of SEDNA is part of their organization’s goal to increase efficiency by acquiring technology that will accelerate performance and mobility. Western Bulk is a dry bulk shipping company with offices in Oslo, Singapore, Seattle, Santiago and Casablanca. SEDNA will be used by everyone in the organization, all the way up to the CEO.

As the Head of Technology at Western Bulk, Martin Hjelle, looked at a number of solutions and said the selection came down to a long term vision;

SEDNA is the type of partner Western Bulk needed for the future as we both are working to make teams more efficient.” He went on to highlight SEDNA’s desire to innovate as a key factor saying “Their openness to integrate with other systems like Shipamax and Veson was very important as it showed SEDNA’s desire to bring innovation from both inside and outside the company to help Western Bulk simplify our workflow.”

Western Bulk represents a growing wave of organizations like NORDEN, Ardmore, and Glencore to embrace new technology and digitally transform the way they work. Within an industry that historically has been slow to change, it is people like Martin Hjelle leading the charge. As Noel Pullen, COO of SEDNA said,

“We are working to solve a 30-year problem that is too critical to ignore. Email is the lifeblood of any business and the systems responsible for helping people communicate are severely impacting the health of enterprise organizations. As companies look to other forms of communication, we believe the time has come to provide a system built for the needs of today’s enterprise organization.”

According to Mr. Hjelle, SEDNA is able to address the needs of the teams at Western Bulk “Because the system brings all the context to a transaction, together in one place. The emails, conversations, comments are all there and searchable in a way that is so fast it is changing our workflows.”

Mr. Pullen, emphasizes that SEDNA represents a new way of working and it requires strong leaders like Mr. Hjelle and users willing to make a change.

“Moving from a personal email system to team-based platform where people see everything can be an adjustment, the same goes for using tagging instead of file folders or commenting on a message instead of forwarding an email. But the benefits far outweigh the costs as we save 2 to 4 hours people spend each day filing messages.”

Mr. Hjelle sees the immediate benefit saying “As a team-based cloud solution, SEDNA is accessible to everyone. People love the fact they can find the information they want, whenever or wherever they need. The mobility and speed are helping the organization be more efficient and that is helping us work smarter, together.”