Why Western Bulk Chose SEDNA as Their Software Solution

As many shipping operators will happily tell you, the road to success is secure, scalable, and integrated. The question then is how do you pave that road, and what solutions really make the difference? 


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Who Is Western Bulk?

Western Bulk is a leading shipping company specializing in dry bulk with a commercially controlled fleet of over 150 vessels. With a global customer base and a commitment to promoting sustainable practices within shipping, Western Bulk is an industry leader among maritime operators. 


The Challenges

You might say Western Bulk were victims of their own success.

Before SEDNA, life consisted of constant juggling between wrangling thousands of emails, finding workarounds for painfully slow search times, and warding off phishing attempts.

To make matters worse, integrating with other much-needed tools was also proving to be difficult, leaving Western Bulk teams spending more time fighting fires and searching for information than actually doing what they do best.

In short, their workflows were becoming bottlenecked and finding a new way of working was becoming increasingly urgent. 

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The SEDNA Software Solution 

At SEDNA, we know many problems stem from an overload of email and that this was a huge part of Western Bulk’s workflow challenges.

Not only were they handling thousands of emails per day, but searching or prioritizing the avalanche of information was next to impossible. The ripple effect resulted in missed emails, system crashes, and phishing attempts. 

With SEDNA, however, the volume of emails was instantly alleviated by implementing some clever features and working with Western Bulk to create a solution that worked for them.

For example, with features like auto-tagging, Western Bulk not only ensured that the right emails got to the right individual but conversely that individuals were not bombarded with irrelevant information.

Similarly, by implementing a shared inbox, employees gained complete context and clarity on all the moving parts, rather than working in silos and information becoming buried in individual inboxes. 

The added benefit of this shared inbox solution didn’t end there.

Now with more eyes across more relevant emails, security threats suddenly became group managed, rather than resting on the shoulders of one individual. As such, Western Bulk discovered the potential of SEDNA’s collaboration features in generating wider discussions around phishing scams and quickly saw how powerful this could be. 

In terms of speeding up Western Bulk’s workflow, SEDNA’s ultra-fast boolean search allowed them to parse thousands of emails within seconds resulting in saved hours of time and removing the anxiety of system crashes previously experienced. 

Lastly, working with SEDNA also allowed Western Bulk to integrate with other systems—a vital part of their long-term strategy and way of working.  

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The Results of Implementing SEDNA’s Software Solution 


“If you’re an Operator, you don’t have to read the thousand emails a day. You can just read those that are relevant to you. So it really changes how you can operate in one big mailbox, but be sure that you don’t miss anything”

           Chief Digital Officer, Western Bulk


With SEDNA’s smart email platform, Western Bulk saved, on average, 2 to 4 hours a day, tightened security, and finally gained the reduction in email volume they badly needed.


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