Powerful Features for Purposeful Work

Powerful Features for Purposeful Work

Every part of SEDNA is designed to help individuals and businesses get more critical work done, in less time. Below are just some of the SEDNA features that will minimize distractions, boost productivity, and build intuitive workflows across teams.

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Team Inbox

Team Inbox

Cut down email volume by up to 95% and get one source of truth for all conversations, data, and documentation through shared team inboxes.

Unlike siloed email accounts, SEDNA gives team members controlled transparency of all correspondence, attachments, and actions taken within a project or message thread—along with quick composition and sharing capabilities—for more efficient communication and effortless collaboration.

Activity Panel

Activity Panel

Each email within a Team Inbox has its own Activity Panel to host internal conversations, contextual data, and time-stamped activity that enables team members to work with—and around—one message in place of forwards, reply-alls, and cc’s that bloat email volume.

The Activity Panel lets you see automatically generated or manually applied message details like category tags, job references, and people involved, as well as who viewed the message, who replied, and how so. And collaboration is easy with the ability to tag others and add comments for real-time discussion.

Super-Powered Search

Super-Powered Search

This isn’t your average search. As a pillar for delivering efficiency, SEDNA’s Search is both ultra-fast and designed for needle-in-the-haystack accuracy. Parse all messages, attachments, notes, tags, senders, and more with granular keyword precision that returns results in less than one second—even when searching through millions of messages.



Manage and update third-party data and documents without leaving SEDNA using SEDNA Link integrations with Google Drive, SharePoint, Salesforce, Q88, and more. 

SEDNA Link is a development toolkit that allows third-party systems to embed workflows and contextual data without users having to leave SEDNA. For example, through the SEDNA Link Salesforce integration, users can view Salesforce opportunities, change the owner and stage, and add to-dos and notes.

SEDNA Mobile

SEDNA Mobile

Productivity doesn’t stop when you leave your desk. Get access to your Team Inbox and almost all features and functionality from wherever you are with the SEDNA mobile app.


Between approved senders and address book verification, single sign-on (SSO), and multi-factor authentication (MFA) that requires a second method of identity proof via text messages, phone call, or app, your SEDNA inbox and workspace are firmly secure.


Continuously tracking communications and team activity, SEDNA’s analytics provide at-hand information about the amount of emails received, read, sent, responded to—in general and in a set time—category tags, total comments, response time to customers and clients, and more. This makes for valuable understanding of team productivity, where effort is being directed, and which features are most useful to the people using them day in and day out.


SEDNA’s Search can also work proactively through saved Buckets. Create a Bucket to surface and prioritize emails as they come in based on specific search terms, ensuring no important messages go unnoticed and the top of your inbox is reserved for the messages most relevant to you and your projects.


Need to jot down your thoughts for a brainstorm or summarize a meeting? Instead of writing yet another email or saving a draft, take and share Notes across teams for quick and simple internal communication.


Available via the desktop browser and SEDNA mobile app, Notifications can be set up to immediately alert team members to messages that have been tagged for their attention. And use Smart Push to be alerted when specific keywords, attachments, senders, or comments for your attention come through on desktop and mobile.


Categorize, rename, and set expiration dates for important attachments to ensure your team is working with the most current and accurate set of files for a particular project. Flexdocs helps you reduce duplication and provides a simple repository for teams to access key information.

Tagging and Auto-Tagging

Organize and categorize messages by job or project, team, category, and people involved. Tags are applied based on metadata and can be set up manually, or depending on API access level, dynamically generated through third-party integrations. Tags can also be automatically applied based on user-configured rules.

Shareable Bookmarks

The search queries you use regularly can be saved as Bookmarks for quick reference, activated with a single click and shareable with other teams so everyone who wants to can easily use them.

Quick Composition

SEDNA significantly decreases overall email volume while making it faster and easier to send messages—without sacrificing brand standards or security.

Instantly insert content snippets and templates, as well as data, files, or document links into the body of a message, and use Add from SEDNA to search attachments from any email sent within your Team Inbox to add to your message.

Customizable Integrations

Bring workflows and data from disconnected systems and sources into one shared, accessible workspace. Our open API creates nearly unlimited integration options, particularly for enterprise customers with large-scale use of existing tools and software that can be merged into SEDNA for a more comprehensive tech stack.

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What Teams Are Saying About SEDNA

“The difference in [remote] new hires’ progress that we have seen, from people who are on SEDNA to who are not on SEDNA, is night and day. SEDNA provides what I call ‘wholeness of data,’ meaning all the historical information is all in one place.”


Ha Eun Ruppelt

Commercial Project Manager Ardmore Shipping

“Switching to SEDNA gives us the chance to re-examine our workflows and potentially save hours every day in team collaboration.”


Sture Freudenreich

Head of IT D/S

“Part of bringing SEDNA in was about collaboration. And the good thing with SEDNA is that having staff working remotely isn’t really compromising the collaboration. It should be as if two people are still sitting side by side.”


Rod Steele

Head of IT
Wallem Group

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