SEDNA Lite Brings Speed and Security to Your Network

The free-access version of SEDNA that makes collaboration easy for everyone

What is SEDNA Lite?

SEDNA Lite is a free version of SEDNA your network contacts can access when reading a message you’ve sent them. Instead of using their regular email client to respond to the message, they can reply using the browser-based SEDNA Lite app, which offers handy collaboration tools and additional security.

That’s because Verified by SEDNA, our added SEDNA-to-SEDNA security layer, is active on messages you receive that are sent from the SEDNA Lite app.

Enabling SEDNA Lite allows your network to enjoy the use of SEDNA tools like commenting, while you get to enjoy faster, more secure collaboration with your contacts. 

How It Works

Just by doing your business as usual, messages you send from SEDNA give the receiver the option to sign-up for SEDNA Lite. Once they do, now you can:
  • Share comments to SEDNA Lite Users from your Activity Panel — why write a whole new email when oftentimes a comment will do?

  • Receive messages that are Verified by SEDNA, the at-a-glance way to know when a message has been sent by an authenticated SEDNA or SEDNA Lite user

How To Set It Up

Getting started with SEDNA Lite is easy—simply have your SEDNA admin contact our Support team using the link below to request enablement. When enabling SEDNA Lite, your Admin will be able to specify:
  • Which shared inboxes in your organization will have SEDNA Lite access made available on messages to external parties

  • Which external party domains can receive SEDNA Lite access when messaged by a shared inbox that has SEDNA Lite enabled

Get SEDNA Lite

Have your SEDNA Admin contact [email protected] to request enablement of SEDNA Lite in your organization.