New Integration: + SEDNA support Freight Forwarding operations

The Freight Forwarding industry is the silent hero, enabling worldwide trade and ensuring products and raw materials arrive safely at their destination. Projected to hit a market size of $207bn by 2026, the industry is experiencing a staggering 2.5% CAGR (compound annual growth rate).

Freight Forwarding is fast-paced and requires quick action with a multitude of parties, while team members navigate as many as 30 touchpoints for every single international shipment. This includes coordination with 170+ suppliers across TMS, EDI, and good old-fashioned email. Handling requests and quotes quickly is mission critical. Although email response times in Freight Forwarding averages 12 hours (3-4 hours faster than other sectors), customers are reported to expect a four-hour turnaround time. This presents immense pressure on operations teams, who are also handling the burden of increasing shipping rates and growing demand.

With these challenges in mind, SEDNA has partnered with to support Freight Forwarders in improving operations and service.

The and SEDNA integration is a cloud-based system integration platform that connects partners across the global supply chain. Instead of slow, expensive point-to-point connectivity, it allows supply chain customers to connect to TMS’s via API, EDI, and more. 

One such example is the new Cargowise integration with SEDNA, which enhances the visibility of context on shipments. Once the integration is connected, shipment data stored in Cargowise automatically appears as an easy-to-read reference card inside the SEDNA messages related to that shipment.



In addition, Cargowise shipment data can be inserted directly into messages composed from SEDNA, at the click of a button. You don’t have to switch apps to easily reference or add shipment data that ranges from shipment ID, ETD, ETA, vessel and voyage number to container number.



The result: efficiency, transparency and accuracy

My As a result, you have access to shipping information on a single pane of glass within the SEDNA platform, reducing time spent on manual work. SEDNA’s transparent commenting and tagging functionality creates better workflows among teams, while automated parsing and rerendering of shipping details also improves data accuracy. It’s all about helping forwarders not only work faster, but also reducing risk of human error.

The future: More is yet to come

As SEDNA and continue to work together, we’re looking forward to sharing further news about this integration and additional functionality soon, making it even easier to pass information between your TMS and SEDNA and enabling even faster ways of working.

Getting started with SEDNA and requires near zero-touch onboarding and implementation is supported through SEDNA’s team — reach out below for a free demo to find out more:

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