Swire Bulk Selects SEDNA’s Market Leading Solution

Swire Bulk, the dry bulk ship operating arm of The China Navigation Company (CNCo), has selected SEDNA as their team-based transaction management platform for managing email and team collaboration. The selection of SEDNA is part of the organization’s goal to optimize workflow and scale the business by improving productivity through the digitization of shipping. Swire Bulk will adopt SEDNA across its offices in Singapore, London, Vancouver, Melbourne, Hamburg, Miami, Rio de Janeiro, Melbourne and Shanghai.

CNCo is a company with a rich history in the maritime industry dating back to 1872; Swire Bulk is a relatively new organization only established in 2012. Rob Aarvold returned to CNCo as General Manager to build Swire Bulk into an agile and highly responsive organization, leveraging on technology to deliver improved performance and enhanced customer service.

One of the first areas Mr. Aarvold addressed was the internal communication system. The growth of
the business, in tandem to the rising need for collaboration between the Chartering and Operations teams to service a global customer audience, meant that there was a need for an optimized and more efficient workflow.

With the personal email system his team was using, everyone had their own individual way of working
and there was a lot of repetition within the group inboxes. Additionally, not everyone had access to all folders and the structure mandated the involvement of the IT team to set up a new group inbox. Not only was this inefficient, there was also the risk of messages being missed, with associated cost and commercial implications.

Delivering a competitive advantage

Swire Bulk looked into a number of solutions to replace their current platform and was impressed by SEDNA’s market-leading solutions and customer-centric approach. Mr. Aarvold said “We saw in SEDNA, a strong partner who understood our business needs, and was always engaged with our teams to discuss and develop workable solutions and workflows. SEDNA’s capability to tailor its platform to meet the needs of our teams was also a winning factor for us.”

“In a global operation such as ours, it is critical that our teams are able to access information quickly and securely. Building a solution in the cloud around SEDNA, IMOS, and our corporate Intranet will enable us to create a single source of truth with the data integrity that allows anyone from Swire Bulk to log onto any terminal in the world to get the information they need, instantly. Our workforce is mobile; we make hundreds of business trips a year and we also work off hours. As such, people need to open their laptops or check their phone to get the information they need when they need. It is that kind of accessibility that SEDNA provides to deliver a competitive advantage for Swire Bulk.”

Bill Dobie, CEO of SEDNA, highlighted the company’s focus on creating a platform that provides instant access to documents, discussion and 3rd party integrated data. Mr. Dobie emphasised SEDNA’s value in Shipping where “Everyone is negotiating all the time, there are so many variables in freight, you want people to be accessing the latest information with all the context from the earliest start of the discussion to its completion. Where other systems require complicated search queries or even prone to lagging, SEDNA offers an incredibly fast way to search millions of messages to find the exact understanding you need to improve voyage performance.”

“SEDNA offers a stable IT platform that is incredibly fast. The search filters reduce the onerous task of reviewing thousands of emails each day from 3 hours to 30 minutes. That time savings and ability to quickly respond to the most pressing messages will help our business scale,” said Mr Aarvold. With SEDNA, Mr. Aarvold believes they found the optimal solution to create a more engaged and productive working environment at Swire Bulk. “I expect a 25% improvement in productivity with SEDNA and that is pretty material when you roll out across 110 people globally.”