Why Email Is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

We know. Everything is apparently the best thing since sliced bread; the middle bit of a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, getting out of the office party before someone suggests Karaoke, unloading the washing machine and discovering the laundry god has shown rare mercy and not sacrificed a sock to the sud world. 

But we put it to you that what’s actually better than sliced bread is email. In fact, email is great no matter how you slice it (see what we did there?)

email solution

Join us as we take you on a tour of how the world did email dirty and why, with a little help from SEDNA, it’s actually still one of the most powerful communication tools to date.

How Email Got the Villain Treatment


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Created back in the 70s, email was a simple communication tool that did its job well. Whether it was responding to the Christmas email your brother-in-law insisted on sending every year despite minimal interest, or running a small office for a simple business, email ruled. It was fast; it connected people like never before, and threads were an easy-to-follow back and forth.

As with many good things, however, we began to ask email to do things it was never created to manage, and this went a long way into turning email from our faithful companion to something exiting stage left in a cloak and oiled mustache.

The problem is that email went from a simple way of keeping in touch to a tool expected to handle every facet of the corporate world. Modern businesses consist of thousands of individuals across global teams, and the one thing they have in common is that they very often rely on email for the bulk of their communication. Huge sprawling projects, sudden business opportunities, bugs or problems—all of these things get thrown at email—and before you know it, there are endless threads, miscommunication, and frequent system crashes.

And who do we blame for this? Email. If email wouldn’t suck quite so hard, maybe we’d get a little more done around here.

Of course, that’s a little like blaming the dog for being crap at conversation. Dogs are good company, sure, but if you’re measuring their success at companionship by how well they can engage in witty banter, then you’re likely to be disappointed.

Email is the same. It simply wasn’t built for the scale and complexity of the modern world, and yet time and again, we try to force a hugely square peg into an unyieldingly round hole.

The solution? Kick email to the curb? Tell it that things just aren’t working out?

You could. But here at SEDNA, we think that all email needed was a little makeover, and that’s exactly what we did when creating our intelligent email solution.


3 Silly Reasons to Love Email Unconditionally 

Unconditional love

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This bit’s just for fun, but it might make you think twice before clicking the like button on that article slandering our humble hero—email.

  • The term SPAM email is fabled to have come from a Monty Python sketch, in which the characters—upon entering a cafe— realize its menu consists almost entirely of SPAM. This discovery leads to one of the greatest musical creations gifted to man. Come on—you have to love that, right?
  • The first email written from space read: “Hello Earth! Greetings from the STS-43 Crew. This is the first AppleLink from space. Having a GREAT time, wish you were here,…send cryo and RCS! Hasta la vista, baby,…we’ll be back!”
  • Raymond Samuel Tomlinson, widely known as the creator of email, once said in an interview that given the choice between writing email or e-mail he would choose the former because: “I’m simply trying to conserve the world’s supply of hyphens.” Frankly, we’re glad someone said it, hyphens have enough to do without being shoved between an E and an M needlessly.

How SEDNA Gave Email a New Hat 

giving email a new hat

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“Everyone using another tool for team email is living in the past.” 

Berend Luger, Project Manager, Glencore


Here at SEDNA, we’re big fans of new hats, irrespective of how real or metaphorical they might be. When it came to giving email a new hat, we knew we needed to dust off some things that didn’t work while adding in the bits that really made a difference to businesses.


Common Problems With Traditional Email Solutions and How SEDNA Solved Them


1. Traditional Email Steals Your Time

email steals time

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Have you ever written a to-do list and the first thing listed is ‘write to-do list,’ which you then proudly tick off as though you’ve achieved something? Well, traditional email’s like that. You think you’re saving time as you methodically place messages into various folders, only to discover that the actual work is still left to do.


…SEDNA Saves Hours a Day…

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SEDNA positions emails as action points—not just noise that clutters up your inbox—so you can enjoy up to 95% fewer emails. Plus, with more harmonious integrations, automatic email prioritization, ultra-fast search times, and simplified workflows, SEDNA’s email solution gives you and your team as much as 2 hours—per day, per user—back. Time that could be better spent teaching your dog to play dead or attempting to learn just how the boiler works.


2. Traditional Email Doesn’t Scale

email doesn't scale

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Email is fine for reading chain letters from your aunt that promise to give you a blessed day if you forward it to 15 of your friends, but when you’re using it to coordinate global shipping logistics across multiple teams and timezones, it’s slow, it’s siloed, and it’s a massive time-suck.


…SEDNA Was Built to Scale…


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SEDNA is built for modern businesses with global offices and complex procedures. It’s why we’re so loved in the fast-paced and highly-complex world of Shipping. Have doubts? Well, we can’t blame you, which is why we’ve collected some customer stories from industry leaders on why they chose SEDNA.


3. Traditional Email Is Slow

snail mail

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Ever been sent to the shop by your other half to get the ‘nice muffins in the blue box with the gargoyles on’ only to find yourself trailing around aisles of cakes wondering how it came to this? Desperate, you ring your partner, and after an audible eye-roll, they give more details to aid your search. This doesn’t help, and four hours later, you are ushered out by security so the shop can close. Having failed in your search, you now have only two options. Return empty-handed, or start a new life in Australia as a botanist called Marie. We all know what you choose.

Anyway, traditional email’s just like that. What should take seconds to find ends up being an expedition with no end in sight and two-for-one deals around every corner.


…SEDNA Provides You With Ultra-Fast Boolean Search…

fast boolean search

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If you’ve lost an extra-fine needle in an ultra-large haystack—SEDNA will find it. With boolean search technology and the ability to surface information in seconds, SEDNA is faster than a toddler scrambling over to something it shouldn’t have. 


4. Traditional Email Needs to Be Managed

manual email management

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Look at it this way: how often do you need to explain to your postman that your letters go in your letterbox and not, say, in the lost-property bin at the local leisure center? Then why would you put up with an email system that demands so much manual intervention? Traditional email is a slog, from managing the sheer volume of emails to trying to keep track of what’s important.


…SEDNA Is Intelligently Automated…

intelligent automation

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SEDNA uses intelligent features to ensure you get the right information at the right time. With Auto-Tags, metadata, or specified information, SEDNA can correctly route and categorize emails, building on this knowledge to get even smarter as time goes on. Neat right? You might say we used our loaf when designing SEDNA…


5. Traditional Email Has Siloed Security

email security

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Traditional email is a little like the zombie Apocalypse where you’re trapped in a room and there’s a knock at the door. On the one hand, the voice on the other side of the door promises medicine and fresh food. On the other hand, they also seem quite peckish. However, with the rest of your team otherwise engaged, the critical choice of whether to let them in or not lands on your shoulders.

See, in typical email situations, a risky message usually ends up with only one pair of eyes on it, and as with the zombie at the door, one mistake by one individual can mean big problems for the wider group. Not with SEDNA.


…SEDNA’s Security Is Shared…


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SEDNA is ultra-secure. Our many-pronged security measures include address book verification, single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, secure cloud-based hosting, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification, and Verified by SEDNA. Not only that, with our Shared Inbox features, more eyes can be on a suspicious message at once, rather than relying on an individual to gatekeep the entire company’s security.


6. Traditional Email Has Simple Integrations


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Traditional email integrations are fine for the simple stuff, the way bread will suffice as a burger bun if necessary, but with SEDNA’s email solution, it’s a whole new world of potential…


…SEDNA’s Integrations Are Brainy…

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SEDNA’s integrations are built right into the fabric of the platform to give you the most appropriate information and actions at the exact right moment— and they can connect with other sources of data and systems to further enrich the SEDNA experience. Even more impressive, our integration platform (SEDNA Link) is contextual, meaning it can use the available data on the message you are looking at to pinpoint the next appropriate action to take.

In short, SEDNA created an email solution that was built for today’s complex world rather than leaning on the original format and expecting success. And don’t worry, with SEDNA, the switch is simple with our holistic change management support.

Some of the most complex businesses and industry leaders are using SEDNA to propel their business forward—maybe you’ll be next?

We would loaf to have you with us (sorry, we had to).

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